Are games just another trend nowadays?

So, Fallout 4 just dropped a while ago and while talking about it with my friends, it got me thinking. Why are people today so accepting with being fed almost poor beta games to test even though its their official release dates?

I’m not saying that Fallout 4 is just that as I haven’t tried it but Bethesda does have that reputation for poorly fixed games.
Why are people accepting quantity when we should demand quality? Do people not want that anymore? Are we just getting reduced to drooling sheep who can’t think past what they feed us?

Is games nowadays only about shiny things and reputation? Hype and complete blindness? “Gamer girls” and show offs?
Has gaming gotten to the point where the only ones playing are doing it for the trend? The word ‘Gamer’ have surely gotten that treatment as its used for anyone nowadays, even people watching Let’s Plays.

I’ve realized that I can’t continue playing games soon and it is just because people can’t think longer than their own nose. People nowadays buy the newest computers and parts only cause companies say it won’t work otherwise. It does. I’ve had my computer on highest setting in games for 5-6 years before the recent need for 64bit changed it. But it has gotten to the point where companies place their name on things and soon you actually have to buy a whole new computer for each and every game. Where will it stop or will it go full circle?

I wonder if games ever will go back to what it was. Small scale, not so popular and glorious. Where games actually took you for a ride instead of being the latest talking trend.


2 thoughts on “Are games just another trend nowadays?

  1. Sadly with all things like this, they will eventually get caught up in the trend market. Games were always a popular thing, however generally people would eventually grow out of them, and enjoy them now and again for the adventure and lose themselves in the world that was created. Nowadays its something everyone will delve into and repeatedly play again and again, which in turn feeds their hunger for more and more games. Companies will sate this hunger by feeding them ‘fast food’ games, which take little to no time to develop, just to keep the money flowing and people happy.

    – Why do you think Companies now churn them out so fast? What changed in your eyes?

    – How long do you think is the appropriate time for a game to be developed in?

    Sadly this will affect people who played games and took their time with them, living out the world and every little nook and cranny that can’t be found today. Back when Companies took their time, and enjoyed making a game, instead of churning out a rehashed mess that is basically the same game with prettier sprites and bigger worlds that really are just getting emptier and emptier.

    – Do you find worlds/games are getting bigger, but their content is becoming more and more soul-less?

    Also you can’t really stop the onslaught of new tech. if the technology is there, then Companies will use it because the Companies making the tech will moan at game Companies to use the latest GPU or CPU because the Tech Company wants to get money out of people, so it could be the fact while Game Companies aren’t to blame, they like us are just being forced along for the ride. Some Companies anyway, ones like EA don’t give a damn really.

    – What’s the worst contributing Company for this in your eyes?

    Also Gamer Girls, an annoying trend heh. It seems any girl who picks up a controller and holds it over her nipples is a ‘hardcore gamer’ these days, haha. Those poor controllers… All that dignity, gone! πŸ˜›

    Another interesting topic to bring out, and I am glad to give my response! Hopefully you have some topics to talk to me with over this response πŸ™‚ Will be fun to chat!


    1. They push out games so fast because people doesn’t have any attention span left.
      I dunno how long a game takes generally, depends from game to game.

      I think they are made to look bigger but they are just poorly done.

      I’d say that EA and Bethesda are up there along with Microsoft and Google.

      Yeah, poor gamers today I’d say.


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