Happy (late) Halloween 2015!

Happy late Halloween everybody!

Here are some pictures from this weekend, this year it was a sort of zombie costume for Halloween. I fell in love with the lenses I used, looking almost all white.
Also the little pumpkin that I carved, we placed on the local playground, sadly it didn’t last long. Some kids used it to play football.

Hope you all had a perfect Halloweekend!
Hope you all had a perfect Halloweekend!

2 thoughts on “Happy (late) Halloween 2015!

  1. Wooo for Halloween! 😀 Went to a party myself this year, while you made another amazingly good costume! :-3 Very creepy, especially the eyes ._. Screw seeing you in a dark alley on Halloween 😛 Run awwaayyy! Hehe

    Also aww, that poor ickle Pumpkin 😦 Stupid kids. All they care about is smashing stuff these days! Karma will catch up, and maybe one will get smashed by a car 😀 Pumpkin Revenge! Haha.

    – How long did it take in total to get all the makeup and such done for that night? Looks like there is a lot, and with that cut!


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