Lifeline, can you save his life?

So, the other day I tried this game for my android phone, Lifeline. It has a really interesting concept, keeping the player waiting as the game decides when you can play and not.

You start the game, and you will get in touch with a man. This man is on another planet, and he needs your help. The game is time-based and as you help him along, he’ll disappear for a few hours or so each time. All you can do is wait for his next message. The messages will pop up on your notification bar as he comes back.

He’ll give you choices and you will be able to tell him what to do to keep him alive and safe. I found this game rather interesting and wanted him to respond faster so I could know how it all went.

Will you be able to keep him alive?


3 thoughts on “Lifeline, can you save his life?

  1. Just got this on my Tablet, and I have to say I do find it different and interesting! I do love Space style stories aswell, so this got me interested straight away.

    Not sure if anything else has been done like this before, but if so, it might not be as good. You always seem to find the best stuff! I call hacks! Haha. Anyway, thanks for another fun suggestion that I will try a few times! πŸ™‚ Even though I am currently waiting for the next part to start anyway… πŸ˜› Game on!


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