BioShock Infinite… Am I the only one disliking it?

So, yet another game of the year and yet another disappointment. Am I the one being to picky or are just games nowadays declining in quality?

I just finished BioShock Infinite and I dunno, it wasn’t as good as I thought. The graphics are really beautiful but the game, from start to finish, is just another plain shooter game. The main character is an annoying cliche and Elizabeth didn’t really have any personality at all besides being the runaway damsel, oh how creative.
Neither the areas nor enemies changed all that much and the simplicity of the battles just made me sad. I had hoped for more as it was supposed to be as the first Bioshock, which was an interesting tale with a twist in the end that made me really surprised.

The “twisty” end in this just felt forced and almost a straight copy from the first. One line “Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.” Really? The ending was easy to guess from the start.
The poor use of the Vigors in battle is another thing. The fireballs, for example, are just as grenades and you can’t really set any oil spills on fire like you could in the first not that there really are any to begin with.

I don’t really want to rant away at this game so I’ll just stop here. What made you love/hate this game?


2 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite… Am I the only one disliking it?

  1. Played and completed this a while ago myself. I quite enjoyed it, although admittedly I much preferred the darker, underwater setting! It felt much more desperate and creepy, with that sense of survival. The old way of injecting the Plasmids/Vigors made it feel more of a risk to use them too, more so then just guzzling down some of ol’ Grandpas cough medicine and magically gaining powers! 😀

    – Do you think Bioshock should have stayed with its more gritty approach to Plasmids, or do you think they made it less ‘drug’ looking to make it safer for kids?

    – How do you think the original Bioshock would have faired if Plasmids never actually existed in game. Would it still have had that same atmosphere?

    For some reason, whenever I think Bioshock, I think Underwater. Not up in the sky, I dunno…It just feels like it belongs underwater. That old feel of the city, and that dilapidated look. If they intend to make another, I do hope they return to the underwater setting, either when Rapture first came about or maybe later on in the game. I liked also in the DLC for Bioshock Infinite it brought you back to the Underwater world of Rapture, but in all its original glory a little ways before the er…Incidents, haha.

    – What is your favourite Plasmid/Vigor through the games?

    – Do you think this was an improvement over Bioshock 2? I didn’t enjoy the second really, the gameplay felt so clunky, and the story just felt like they were trying to drag out the original but this time you’re playing as an old Big Daddy.

    Sadly this game was too short, and too easy. I did enjoy the Twins though, but they barely appeared at all really. The ‘Bird’ also didn’t feel as dangerous as it could of been… However, speeding along those rails was very fun and quite breathtaking at some visual points!

    Glad to be responding to some more of your Reviews, and will continue too in the future even if these were delayed! Sorry for such a long reply, and happy gaming!


    1. I think they should have stayed, but yeah making it less drugs looking might have been something they thought of.

      It would probably have the same atmosphere but not the same amount of fun. In this game, none of the vigors. I rarely used them cause they felt so poorly done.

      I didn’t play Bioshock 2, I didn’t feel that it was any good.

      Thanks for the comment!


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