The epic tale of Star Ocean the 2nd Story

So, yesterday I finished up the game Star Ocean the 2nd story for PS and I have to bow my head down to that game, it has to have it all or damn close anyhow. It’s never boring and has that feel good aura. Sure it might not be the “best” writing but it fits perfectly. It’s emotional, serious and so sweet.

The story takes off as you choose one of two players. Claude, the young man that walks through a portal, on a space mission, and ends up on another planet or Rena, the young girl who is saved by the Warrior of Light from the prophecies. Two almost completely different stories that intertwines with each other perfectly. The game mixes sci-fi with fantasy, Claude bringing the sci-fi side and Rena bringing the fantasy side.

I can say without a doubt that anyone would really like this game. It has it all. Are you a grinder? Then you can grind til you drop. Do you love story? Then this game with all the story twists and romances is a game for you. Do you just wanna achieve it all and accomplish everything? This game is full of things to collect, achieve and reach. It is yours to play however you want.

The game is also filled with side stories, secrets and dungeons like the Cave of Trials. A well worth trip to visit it before the last boss, especially if you wanna get the angel armband that is a epic accessory and the bonus boss that can only be reached after you clear the cave and all its floors.

I did unlock the final boss, and kicked his ass with Opera (with her epic “α on one”), Ernest, Bowman and Noel (who can’t resurrect), a “tougher” party to play for sure than the “usual” characters that people might choose to play with (with Rena as the full fledged healer), For example, if you pick up Ashton, you can never recruit neither Opera nor Ernest.

You can get up to 8 characters that follow you through out the game, but only 4 are with you in the real-time battles. Some you can only get as you plays as Rena and some when you play as Claude for example and as I mentioned, some characters doesn’t join when others already have.
Throughout the game, as you progress in the story, you grow closer to your companions and you can get both friends and romances. And in the end, the game gives you around 150 character endings depending on how you played it with them all.

A social part, called Private Actions, are found in every town and it gives you the chance to see your characters interact and it also gives you side quests to give you the chance to know your characters better. Private Actions even gives you the opportunity, if you do them well and in order/the right time, to unlock the final boss and to give you the true ending.

For the battles, the game lets you change formations and leaders. In the battles you have different attacks depending where you stand based on short/long distances. You also have killer moves and magic that can be leveled up the more you use it. Battle maps changes depending on where you start them and can contain things that can disrupt you as you battle.

It’s hard to get this game down in words as it is so much to do, from talking to your friends in every town to grinding so you can kill the boss. From aiming to be a super chef in a cooking tournament to be the winner in the fighting tournament. The list goes on and on.

On top of that, the game generates each character every time you start the game so their “personalities” changes each time. First time you play, maybe Rena, for example, is the perfect painter, and in the next she can’t paint to save her life but she can sing or write etc.

These traits are really helpful as it mixes well into the vast skill list that this game has.  Most of the skills aren’t combat based. they instead let you do things like publishing books, write music, whistle for animals to get you things, ride bunnies (like chocobos), scouting, pick pocketing and cook and so on. It also has a full fledged crafting system.

I have to quit writing now or the post will never end. One last thing that I have to point out is the really nice use of FMV all the time and the art of this game, the details that each character/enemy has is amazing.

If you haven’t played it already, go do it. You’ll be happy you did, I promise! Just keep away from the remake.


4 thoughts on “The epic tale of Star Ocean the 2nd Story

  1. I love Star Ocean: Second Story! It’s probably my favourite RPG on PS1. It has so much stuff in it and all of it is fun. The first time I did an Iron Chef tournament it really won me over. The PAs are great, and the crafting system is very entertaining. I love how you get 4 people in battles (much better than 3, imo) and how you can recruit different people each time. Now I want to play again.


  2. Only ever heard of this game from a friend who recommended it to me, but haven’t got around to trying it yet 🙂 Maybe sometime in the future when I feel it’s time to pick this up!

    I dunno if I’ve ever played something similar to this, but judging by this large post, you thoroughly enjoyed this experience and took in everything! That already tells me I could like this game, as you haven’t steered me wrong yet. 🙂

    – Are there any games you could liken this too? I might have played one of those…

    The contrasting story concept sounds odd. Not bad, but odd, haven’t seen something so starkly different although its probably what helps set it apart from other games. Judging by reading this, it does sound like it has it all! Sadly people may be turned away by the story not fitting their likes! Fantasy and Sci-Fi, lots of people may prefer different backgrounds! Quite sad really, as many great games could be missed by this small dislikes.

    – Are there any games you passed over because something for face value made you turn away, but then you came back and thought: “Wow! I’m glad I tried this in the end!” ?

    You can get quite a few followers! Sorta makes me think Final Fantasy by the groups all going in together to fight. Where I really enjoy the Final Fantasy universe and design, I dislike Turn Based Combat 😦 . Breaks my immersion really, and wow 150 endings! Maybe… A little too much? Heh. I’m not sure, but I dunno if I could play 150 times for, probably, little changes in endings for characters. 😦

    – Are the endings that much different? Or are they just mainly for finding out everything about characters, more then just the game ending?

    Woop for Social Interactions! Not something you see really in many games today, unless they’re heavy RPG. I dunno about having to do them to unlock the ‘True Ending’ though…Seems a bit much, especially if its your first playthrough and you don’t know all the things you need to do. Kinda makes me think its something you find out after completing it once, or a few times, then having to do it all over, and over, till you get everything. Unless you search it up of course.

    – Do you find you have to search anything up for this game, or is it all easily discoverable through Gameplay?

    Randomly generated character personalities? I’ve heard of worlds, but not personalities being randomly generated! Interesting, and keeps you guessing. Also will help you pick out different companions who in one playthrough, could be bad, but the next, a more fun experience!

    – Does this indeed make the Companions easier to like…Say you choose one over another, then the next playthrough this random generation helps you choose the other instead?

    This sounds like a huge RPG with all you can do. Especially for something I’ve heard so little about…Strange, but I guess the bigger titles get all the press and these smaller ones get passed over. Like a diamond passed over for more colourful rubies and sapphires! 🙂 But yes, this does sound like an interesting game, although a game really has to make an impact on myself to want to replay it. Especially -that- much!

    Another interesting post that has got me curious about a new game! (Oh my God, so many games to play! Haha!). Hope to see you again soon, and hear more from you! Game on!


    1. There aren’t many games that are like this, if any, so I highly doubt that you have played another like this.

      The contrast isn’t that extreme, it fits perfectly and maybe I have to say that i didn’t wanna play Mass Effect, not liking shooters at first.

      It isn’t turn-based so this would fit your liking. The endings however doesn’t require you to replay 150 times as they are character endings. So your party containing 8 characters would give you around 4-8 endings depending on the pairing and such in the same ending of the game.
      The endings differs as well depending on what private actions you did and how close your character are, if they are friends or romantically involved.

      You don’t have to unlock the boss of course. And you can play the game however you like. Though few things like the harder boss ending does require a walkthrough as it is all about timing, places and saving at the right moments.

      The game however is easily exploreable of course and events are easy to find. New ones can be found if you go back to old towns and vise versa.

      The personalities doesn’t change the characters, they are only for the skills you can do like write music, paint and so on.

      The title isn’t really that small, just got released a new Star Ocean for PS4 I think it was. Maybe you have just missed it 🙂


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