Interactive Stories/Fiction/Novels. Ever played/read one of those?

So the other day, I found this open-source program called Twine from a blogger here on WordPress. Her own Twine story is interesting, and thanks to her, I felt the tug in my own heart. I wanna do something similar as well, as games is such a passion of mine. Though I don’t have anything special powering my stories, besides some wonky fantasy, I thought I’d give it a try.

The thought struck me, do people read these things nowadays? I know I do, but it is a “market” for it, so to speak? After some digging around in the forum for Twine, it seems that it is surely a big thing, maybe always have been or just recently grew? I’ve really only heard of and played Visual Novels before and being mostly from Japan or in that, let’s say, “genre”, it lacks many things that one would want.

When I found this, and the concept of “Interactive Stories” it blew my minds. The possibilities!

Have any of you read these Twine stories before, anything like them and/or Visual Novels?

5 thoughts on “Interactive Stories/Fiction/Novels. Ever played/read one of those?

  1. I’ve played through a few interactive stories! I find them enjoyable, and even a fresh change sometimes! Not really an interactive story, but they make me think of the old Game Books I used to have as a child!

    A pencil, rubber, and the character sheet inside the book as I venture through the game world! A risk at every turn, with dice rolls and all sorts! I miss those books…Think I actually saw some in the Book Store the other day, may have to look again!


  2. I can’t say I have a huge experience when it comes to interactive novels, I’ve read only one or two over the years but I do have more experience of other types of text based games and I enjoyed those immensely.

    I must admit that seeing that graph makes my programmer heart almost giddy. šŸ˜›


  3. I’ve read a few of them. Some of my favourites are Prom King, My Father’s Long Long Legs, and The Uncle Who Works at Nintendo. They’re all horror stories and I believe all can be found on


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