This War of Mine, anyone else disappointed?

So, I tried This War of Mine yesterday thinking that it would be a cool adventure. The atmosphere and the music was both eerie and nice, really fitting but what happened to the rest?
The game concept is really nice with the fact that your survivors are your everyday neighbors instead of elite forces, making this a bit different from many such games.

In my opinion, the game is a really repetitive “smartphone” game where it lacks both proper story and interaction between the characters. They just go about their business and when someone dies, they all become so sad, for what?

Another thing it lacks is the fact that you can only visit one place at a time, even though you might be at one place for like five minutes.

This game disappointed me, is there anyone who liked it?


4 thoughts on “This War of Mine, anyone else disappointed?

  1. I enjoyed it, myself. While it isn’t in my usual game style playlist, I do like the post-apocalyptic genre of games albeit with more of an open world perspective. (E.G. Fallout).

    Yes the idea that you’re all just regular people is nice, instead of being gun-toting, SAS trained militants with a hard-on for survival skills. Calling it a Smartphone game…’Eh, Smartphones are very advanced nowadays and to be honest there are a lot of story driven mobile games out there. Heck, the original KOTOR 1 and 2 are on Mobile now, which even though old, can show what our phones can do.

    Would be nice to maybe have a feature where you send people off to a house, but let them do it themselves, and then take another survivor yourself to another house and control them. Would double the collection rate of items, make the game move along a bit quicker, and give more opportunity to test out all the survival building features and such.

    – Do you think putting old RPG’s on Mobiles is a good, or bad idea?


    1. Sure our phones can do that but in my opinion, games aren’t made for swiping. I can’t imagine how many things they have to change to get it to fit a phone. Neither Baldur’s Gate nor KoTor is made for a phone and would be impossible to not ruin for the sake of kids wanting a new candycrush but with something more to look cool and brag.

      I agree that they should have implemented more things into this game.

      As my response just before, I say that it have to be one of the stupidest ideas I’ve seen, sadly the kids love it.


    1. Really nicely written post you got there but I have to disagree. It was way to repetitive with to little things happening. The game should have added multiple places to visit per night and/or multiple people who are going out at least.


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