Dishonored 2… will it be worth anything?

So just saw the video for Dishonored 2, and the fact that this time around you’re playing as a woman made me wanna play it just for that reason alone. The first game wasn’t all that but enough to make me want to play the second.


4 thoughts on “Dishonored 2… will it be worth anything?

  1. Played the first and I have to say, I still haven’t managed to complete it (Damn distractions!), however I’ll admit I do enjoy playing Females more in video games. Thankfully you are seeing a lot more of them nowadays, and yes, while this does not show any Gameplay, it does look interesting. Those powers at the end looked devilishly fun!

    One of the things I did really enjoy about Dishonored was the world/setting and Steampunk feel. The first had rather comical looking NPC’s which I felt, if more realistic, would have done a lot more for the game. Also a stealth game that isn’t as stale now as Assassin’s Creed… Albeit that next one is gonna be based in England, I still can’t shake the feeling of ‘rehash’.

    – Bethesda are gonna make a lot of money. I swear most of the games at E3 had Bethesda play a part in them!

    – Dishonored came out in 2012. Now its 2015/2016 for this new one. They’ve had plenty of years to work on it, so hopefully they will deliver a good sequel. Do you have hopes for this game? Or does the CGI trailer, and no in-game footage, not bode well?

    – I know its a bit off topic from this, but take a look at the new Doom and Mirrors Edge: Catalyst. New Mirrors Edge looks like its going to be a promising sequel, and Doom looks like it always has!: Does what it says on the tin, and does it flamboyantly! Hopefully 2015 is the year of good Sequels, with Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst.

    – Also that remake of FF7!


    1. Well since when does cinematic trailers ever seem good? Sure they are nice but they hide the truth.

      I have to say that the remake is surprising, I had heard that the ones who made the original said that there would never ever be a remake or such. So kinda sad to see it here now.


      1. CGI is always for big things like E3. Hype the shit out of it, then slowly reveal little bits of the truth after. Everyone too euphoric about E3 to notice/care much about these revealings, so it’s partially hidden until game release and everyone freaks out.

        I hope it’s a loyal remake. Not one just for money? I did look back at FF7 a little while ago (I still have my PS1 copies) and the graphics really do feel dated now. A remake of FF7 would be a nice one off…But I’d hate for them to remake -every- FF game, then they are just milking it for money.


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