Dishonored 2… will it be worth anything?

So just saw the video for Dishonored 2, and the fact that this time around you’re playing as a woman made me wanna play it just for that reason alone. The first game wasn’t all that but enough to make me want to play the second.


4 responses to “Dishonored 2… will it be worth anything?

  1. Played the first and I have to say, I still haven’t managed to complete it (Damn distractions!), however I’ll admit I do enjoy playing Females more in video games. Thankfully you are seeing a lot more of them nowadays, and yes, while this does not show any Gameplay, it does look interesting. Those powers at the end looked devilishly fun!

    One of the things I did really enjoy about Dishonored was the world/setting and Steampunk feel. The first had rather comical looking NPC’s which I felt, if more realistic, would have done a lot more for the game. Also a stealth game that isn’t as stale now as Assassin’s Creed… Albeit that next one is gonna be based in England, I still can’t shake the feeling of ‘rehash’.

    – Bethesda are gonna make a lot of money. I swear most of the games at E3 had Bethesda play a part in them!

    – Dishonored came out in 2012. Now its 2015/2016 for this new one. They’ve had plenty of years to work on it, so hopefully they will deliver a good sequel. Do you have hopes for this game? Or does the CGI trailer, and no in-game footage, not bode well?

    – I know its a bit off topic from this, but take a look at the new Doom and Mirrors Edge: Catalyst. New Mirrors Edge looks like its going to be a promising sequel, and Doom looks like it always has!: Does what it says on the tin, and does it flamboyantly! Hopefully 2015 is the year of good Sequels, with Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst.

    – Also that remake of FF7!


    • Well since when does cinematic trailers ever seem good? Sure they are nice but they hide the truth.

      I have to say that the remake is surprising, I had heard that the ones who made the original said that there would never ever be a remake or such. So kinda sad to see it here now.


      • CGI is always for big things like E3. Hype the shit out of it, then slowly reveal little bits of the truth after. Everyone too euphoric about E3 to notice/care much about these revealings, so it’s partially hidden until game release and everyone freaks out.

        I hope it’s a loyal remake. Not one just for money? I did look back at FF7 a little while ago (I still have my PS1 copies) and the graphics really do feel dated now. A remake of FF7 would be a nice one off…But I’d hate for them to remake -every- FF game, then they are just milking it for money.


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