Mass Effect: Andromeda

Is it only me who think that playing a new Mass Effect without Shepard will feel strange? Or maybe the game is epic and Shepard is forgotten…


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda

  1. I’ll have to say that a new direction away from Shepard may be good for this Series!

    While Shepard’s were unique between players, I feel a whole new character would still be more unique for each individual player. Maybe we could choose a different Race too? Start off in different areas of the Galaxy? Maybe like some Fallout/Skyrim starter Mods where you can choose if you’re well off, what your occupation is, your family life, that will pre-determine where you will end up at the start in the Universe. Rumours of a Mass Effect MMO were seen but while not making an MMO, they could still make a huge singleplayer world.

    – If you were given a Survey by Bioware to choose which Race’s to have/play as for this game, which would you choose from the old games?

    – Would you rather this game took a Story driven pace, or one where you explore, and find the story yourself, instead of being directed where to go? Make your own Legend like that of Shepard.

    – I know this may be set in a different time period, but would you like to see any old characters come back? Or even be just referenced maybe on their Home Planets, like Statues, Books, etc.

    – From the old games experience, what would you like for Bioware -not- to do, that was in the old games?


    1. I’d say human or Quarian, I suppose.

      Or maybe the two mixed together? Explore with deep story.

      I wouldn’t want old characters coming back, then they could just have done it with Shepard instead.

      Not to make it more combat and less RPG like ME3, I’d say.


      1. Quarian ❤ But ooo that could be interesting. The Universe has gone into the stages of mixed-race breeding (Maybe with a few genetic splicing pieces which can be side-quest missions for ethics between parties and such.)

        Mhm, and I mean more as not actually there alive, but have them referenced in the past somewhat.

        Sounds good, I'd hope for more detail on companions and such instead of a quick mission and they become loyal to you. While that is good, a bit more depth would be nice. 🙂


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