Fallout 4, who haven’t been waiting for that?!

So, as I saw the video for Torment, I also noticed the countdown page from Bethesda and the video that followed when it reached 0.

Well known music playing with a, maybe slightly overused, quote made me think back of all the Fallouts I’ve played in the past and got giddy over the next adventure. I can’t wait, can you?

Fallout 4


3 thoughts on “Fallout 4, who haven’t been waiting for that?!

  1. It’ll most likely be just as Fallout 3/New Vegas than Fallout 2.

    I read that it’s Boston this time around, I dunno what I would expect with it, any of them is nice.

    Well, if he is in the vault the suit wouldn’t be that dirty, I suppose.


    1. Yeah. The open-world RPG is one they’re most accustomed too, so stick with what they know for the franchise.

      Mhm, I read also it might be Boston, looking forward to it either way as they’ll no doubt make the world awesome 🙂 In a post-apocalyptic kind of way!

      Yeah, I mean, after when he is out in the landscape 🙂 Like his clothes slowly get dirty over time (I know GTA V Singleplayer has things like beards growing slowly over time as you play the game, so dirt on your gear/clothing should be easy to have appear over time too.)


  2. Fallout .> I’m sorry! There were so many ghouls… I ran… He couldn’t keep up, I had to close the door!….I-I can still hear his whimpers as they tore into him ;-; WHY?!

    …Ahem, anyway. Seems they will be going back to a Vault start with this game. Wonder where they’ll take it this time in the world… Will be fun to speculate but rumours of a new Engine also are exciting! And their first ever E3 showcase will be a spectacle! 2015 is coming to be an awesome year 🙂

    – I can’t wait, no! You’ll have to tell us from your Fallout 2 playthrough if Fallout 4 holds many similarities 🙂 When it comes out anyway.

    – What kind of world are you hoping for? Desolate like Fallout 3, or more civilised (in a way) like New Vegas?

    – Those blue Vault tighties he has on are very…Blue. Hope they don’t look as clean after leaving for the desolate landscape! And be cool if this ‘Dogmeat’ comes as a companion straight from the Vault. Maybe a puppy you had since a baby and it joins you out in the world! Yes please :-3

    – Urgh, that Pipboy looks so ugly and bulky. Mod to get rid of it like old games please ❤


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