Horror games vs. horror movies

So, the other day I was reading about this game called Until Dawn, a horror game that sounded almost like all the horror movies that I’ve ever seen. I got kind of intrigued for once but as it’s only for PS4 it seems, I can’t play it.

I am a huge horror movie fan, I watch them whenever I can. But when it comes to horror games I am incapable of playing, being way to scared to explore it. Feeling the panic rise in me as the game actually forces me to explore and see things where a movie just does it, albeit with some more stupid moves and lets me just lean back and follow it.

I have played Silent Hill 2, which was awesome. A really nice game but worse than that I can’t go. Deadly Premonition is another game that kinda scared me at times even though it isn’t really a horror game per se.
I can admit that even though I didn’t like the game, Gone Home kind of scared me as well as I expected things to jump out at me all the time which was really annoying.

I have tried other games like Condemned for example, where I almost tossed the controller as I got hit in the back by something that I didn’t have time to check what it was before I paused the game and gave the controller back to my friend. The game had an eerie feeling. Another game that made me almost quit playing is Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, I’ll just say… that abandoned house. If you have played it you know what I mean.

I’ve seen how people play horror games in “Let’s Play” videos, is it just for the sake of embarrass oneself, that they sit there screaming their lungs out only to entertain the viewer? It’s sad to see how a thing that used to be kind of useful have now gone to the point where it almost impossible to see what the game is about let alone to not get completely mental when listening to the people talking about random things instead of the game.

Not to ramble any further, how do you see horror games vs horror movies?
Do you play but not watch or vise versa?

5 responses to “Horror games vs. horror movies

  1. Wow this looks…Real good 😮 (Big fan of horror games! Shame its on PS4 only 😦 PC Horror ftw!).

    For some reason I love that thrill. That rush you get from the approaching scare, like your actual life depends on it! In my surround sound headphones, it feels like there is someone actually behind you… Watching you… A knife to your back… -Shudders-. Actually recently started watching a new Anime too called Tokyo Ghoul. Good so far! Gory, and kinda creepy, but good.

    Silent Hill ❤ Seen the Playstation footage of P.T.? -That- looks scary. Made by the same people who made Silent Hill iirc. I wanna play that so bad…

    – Condemned. I wanted to like that game, but it just felt so 'try hard' to scare me. Plus, console games I never find scary. P.T. was good but, only because it was more like a PC kind of first person horror. Do you feel nowadays Horror in both films and games may sometimes try -too- hard to scare us, and overuse cliché moves?

    Let's Plays… Horror in Let's Plays, hmm… Honestly, it's a mixed bag. People like PewDiePie scream far too much, it's annoying, however watching people actually laughing after the screaming with friends and such is good. For example, YouTubers like UberHaxorNova actually feels more authentic and he doesn't ramble on about random shit during the Let's Play. Talks about the actual game and stuff.

    – Online Let's Plays. What is your take on this entire system? Do you feel people get far too famous too easily from it? They get a -lot- of money from YouTube after all, though I'll admit nearly all of them do have a ton of Charity events so that is nice.

    Probably the creepiest game I played was Five Night's at Freddy's, however it wasn't the scariest. The scariest would have to be Outlast for me. That game fucked me over so bad and gave me nightmares heh, especially the Whistleblower story.

    – To be honest, I enjoy playing a horror game more then watching a horror film. For one, I find it scarier, and two, horror movie characters are so damn dumb! "Oh my God, the killer!" -runs away screaming, trips over the air-. Whereas in a video game you can actually be the 'smart' victim and get away without being a cliché…A dead one, at that. While this can ruin the horror in some aspects, knowing there's a chance you -will- get away, in good horror games in the moment you get so worried/scared it just doesn't matter. Run like the wind!

    A fun little extract that I am very thankful for you to show me this Until Dawn. It looks great, even if PS4 only. Who knows? Maybe with enough support they'll make a PC version? Not that hard nowadays thanks to Console technology, but still.


    • I just googled the P.T thing, not having heard of it before but what the hell is Norman Reedus doing there in almost all the results? 😮 Intriguing, that’s for sure.

      I don’t play horror games so I can’t say that anything really but horror movies use a lot of clichés and things that can be rather annoying.

      Yeah, I can’t for the life of me really understand why people watch. Go play your own damn games!


      • Ah yes, the new Silent Hill has Norman Reedus. Looks interesting! Definetly nice to see some TV actors moving into video games.

        – Speaking of Norman Reedus, ever looked at The Walking Dead game by Telltale? I highly recommend it!

        Aw, missing out! Some brilliant horror games with good story out there. Not the cheap jumpscare ones though.

        Yeah! I wanna get scared myself, not scared by the game then made to jump by a screaming guy like PewDiePie! D:


  2. Horror games are much more scary because they’re active. When things get intense in a movie I can just look away or cover my eyes until it’s over. You can’t really do that in a game if you want to make any progress.

    I like games that are more creepy or disturbing than scary. I can’t play games like Outlast with a ton of jump scares (also last time I tried to play that with my boyfriend he threw the controller at me when something scared him, so it’s dangerous). But I do enjoy V:tMB, Alan Wake (which is pretty light on scares), or less realistic-looking games like Lone Survivor or The Last Door. I have enjoyed some scarier games like PT and Fatal Frame, but I always played those with other people.


    • I’d be the one tossing the controllers here, heh or try to play the game while having my eyes closed.

      I was actually thinking about testing Alan Wake, and if you say it’s light on the scares, I might actually do it.


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