A FPS game that just takes up 96 KiB in disk space, does that exist?!

So, I was just shown a video of a nice looking game, if I would have guessed I would have thought it was some new fleshy version of Unreal Tournament but it wasn’t. It’s a game called .kkrieger that is just 96 KiB small. It is making the computer do all the work with perfect coding. It is really amazing.

Created by an German demogroup .theprodukkt and according to Wikipedia: “The game won two German game developer prizes at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis in 2006, in Innovation and Advancement.”

You don’t believe me? Check Wikipedia


3 thoughts on “A FPS game that just takes up 96 KiB in disk space, does that exist?!

  1. Those crafty Germans! This looks pretty damn amazing for something so tiny! ( And hopefully shows more time should be put into saving space instead of huge FPS games about 30gb in size because of flashy graphics ._. coughCoDcough )

    Wait, 2006? 😮 This was developed some time ago now… Which means imagine what they could do with todays technology? Would be spooky to see!

    – Do you like solely competitive FPS at all? I mean, in a non-CoD sense. 😛

    – While we’re on a similar subject, what is your opinion of Procedurally Generated worlds in video games? (Like Minecraft)

    Loving seeing so many posts these past few days! 🙂 Might actually try and download this if its still available just to experience it.


      1. Ah yes, Unreal Tournament 😀 I remember I destroyed some guy in that some time ago after he bragged he was better. 😉 My first time playing it too! I felt good! But yes, FPS can be fun if they aren’t full of idiots like CoD. Always been a bit of a Battlefield fan though.

        Ah okay, well, some Dungeon games have it also, but Minecraft is the most well known with it so just thought would be best to use that. 🙂


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