So just for the sake of it: The Sims 4

So, I have played The Sims 4, for a bit and I have to say that it is much more fun than I thought it’d be even though it’s nowhere near The Sims 3 at all, but maybe it will be in the future.

The fact that they decided to remove toddlers, swimming pools and things at the beginning just made me worried, but many of the new aspects in the game can surely be seen as better. For example: The moods I do find rather fun and the fact that people can talk while doing more things than just sit or play games while on the toilet. If they add the things that it’s lacking, it would be much better.

There isn’t more to say about this game really as it isn’t all that different from the other games in this franchise.

Do you play The Sims at all? If you do, which is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “So just for the sake of it: The Sims 4

  1. I think the first Maxis ‘Sims’ game I played was … The Sims 2 Bustin’ Out on PS2 way-way back when I was not really into the whole ‘life simulation’ (I wanted bloooood mua ha ha!)

    But! It did introduce me to the Sims, and from there I’ve played every one except for Sims 4 (Not including some Expansions). This is where I found maybe it wouldn’t be in my best interest to play because of its Origin status. Not a fan of Origin, and the rumours I heard of most of the content being paid-for DLC, it all rather put me off. Still, maybe I’ll give it a try one day! (When they release more content and show fully how it will be implemented)

    Play games on the toilet, hehe… Wait, you don’t do that…? -Hides Shark Evolution for Android- Totally not worried about a Shark coming up outta the toilet, nope… 😛

    – I have to ask, how good is the character creator? Because I found it sorely lacking in Sim’s 3 😦 Barely any male hairs and I had to keep downloading extras (Which on my crappy internet was a nightmare) and when in-game the loading took forever! I admit I sorta liked the body shapes more in Sim’s 2, even if they were more box shaped.

    – My favourite Sim’s will have to be Sim’s 2 🙂 DLC wise, Sim’s 2 University or Pets 😛 I gots ALL DA PETS! -Surrounded by fluffy kittens … And a goldfish- Though Sim’s 3 World Adventures was lots of fun.

    Hope they at some point re-add toddlers… Was rather sad to here I couldn’t terrorise my parents as a sweet, innocent little Devi- Angel Child. 😀 Will be fun to see the advances in Expansions such as a pet one too, if they bring one out. Never did get to try Sim’s 3 Pets…

    Happy to see another post and looking forward to more! 🙂 Have fun, and enjoy 2015!


    1. Didn’t say I didn’t, just mentioned that the sims couldn’t.

      I felt that the editor was fun and all and the clothes are much nicer, but the hair is still lacking and so is accessories.

      My most favorite is Sims 3, all things upgraded with much more to customize than the second and more to do.


      1. Haha 😛 Nice! 😉

        Oh? Cool 🙂 And hair still lacking? 😦 Thank the Community for Player-made items and Mods! Hehe

        Yeah theres a lot more to do, but I felt Sim’s 2 I could find more fun 🙂 Maybe it was because I played Sim’s 2 during a time where I was very much enjoying a Life Simulator! Sim’s 3 I maybe didn’t give much of a chance… Maybe I’ll try it with all the expansions some day, and with new Mods/Items. 🙂


          1. Mmm, true. For one I’m not sure how Origin deal with modified games.

            Oh? Okay then. 🙂 Still can remember that silly little tune that played everytime in the Sim’s 2 Main Menu 😛 … Drove me insane … xD


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