I must say, this surely seem like a good year for RPGs, who could have known!?

So, oh my effing hell god. Sword Coast: Legends. Another isotopic RPG, from the makers that brought Dragon Age: Origins, in true spirit or so it seems. Bringing back the epicness of Faerûn and the Sword Coast, the video alone makes me all giddy. Not as giddy as for Pillars of Eternity but alas giddy nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “I must say, this surely seem like a good year for RPGs, who could have known!?

  1. Oooo dat ambience 😮 Dat music. Looks awesome! 🙂 Very much liked that Dungeon Master there, would be lots of fun to create elaborate hard Dungeons for other players to explore! 1-4 Player Co-Op? Looking at that Tavern scene, I wonder if you could get a small group together just to roleplay the game out, sorta…
    Seen friends do it before 🙂 A couple who are friends of mine used to Roleplay entire MMO level experiences out all the way from tutorial to top level. Sounded exhausting! But fun!

    – Think this might be a contender against Pillars, or? Is that game FAR too much fun to think of? 😀 Hehe

    – So when they say the -makers- of Dragon Age… I hope this isn’t in any way affiliated with EA and their control of Dragon Age? Hopefully this is a non-Origin game!

    Woo for more posts also by the way! Haha 😀 Hope you find more amazing looking games like this one 🙂


    1. Well, this isn’t an MMO and I haven’t seen many games where you can write just like that to each other, but what do I know? It might happen.

      It could go up alongside Pillars but they have much more lying on their side for this game to be all that atm.

      I sure hope that it’s better, especially when they work with Wizards of the Coast and all.


      1. Hm, maybe, but with co-op there has to be some way of communicating via text?

        Hehe, ‘dis shiz ain’t all dat, son!’ 😉 😛 But still, both games look awesome!

        Yeah, hopefully this isn’t another ‘too early’ teaser, and it takes ages for the release!


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