Top 10 best games ever made, according to me.

So, I just registered on this new site for gamers, and as I was adding all the games I love, I couldn’t help but think that I just have my top 3 welded into my brain. What would be my Top 5 or even my Top 10? So I started thinking and thought that I would share them all with you.

  1.  Planescape: Torment – The most well and perfect written game I have ever played, the story was so intriguing and the romance was so nice!
  2.  Baldur’s Gate 2 – The fact that this game is filled with so much romance that I always have to choose to my dismay, gives a the second spot alone.
  3.  Neverwinter Nights 2 – This is the game that actually got me into RPGs for real, also have a perfect story and wonderful romance. Seeing a pattern here?
  4.  Star Ocean: The Second Story – The characters, the private actions and all the fun game play is completely remarkable. Even grinding in is fun, and I hate grinding…
  5.  Persona 3: FES – A game that isn’t really like any other. One word: Epic. The fact that it mixes social activities with epic battle is awesome.
  6.  Beyond: Two souls – The story in this game, even though it isn’t such a choice-heavy game, made me feel millions of things and I cried…
  7.  Fallout: New Vegas – Even though it lacks romance, it still has a story that I loved to play through, lot of content to explore and the followers were so well made. “ED-E my love.”
  8.  Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 – Story heavy, and lots of romance. I only wished that some things from the first would be in the second and vice versa.
  9.  Dragon Age – Yet again a story heavy game, with lots of romance. I am so weak for these kinds of games. But Alistair is one of the lesser romances out there by far.
  10.  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – I thought I would hate playing a Star Wars game tbh, but oh how I love it. The story and romances yet again.

What would your Top 10 list be?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 best games ever made, according to me.

  1. Top 10 ‘eh? Will be hard to place my Top 10, and I especially don’t have as much game experience as you! Have to say though, I have always noticed you have a soft spot for Romance in games. This list is proof! 😀 Though I have played some on here (One game I am currently modding and messing with is New Vegas. I did prefer Fallout 3 but only because it felt much more like a inhospitable violent wasteland!) I still can’t say with certainty I can choose my Top 3. I do like Romance but some games have greag Romance but lack elsewhere and vice versa.

    – Your Top 3. Were these easy to arrange and choose, or did you have a little struggle on what would come out on top?

    – Do you feel out of this list, from what you’ve seen of future games so far (Such as Pillars Of Eternity), that this list may shuffle and change?

    – Out of these Top 10, even though some are higher rated right now, do you think the list would be different out of which left a bigger memory of playing/experiencing later on? If you get what I mean. 🙂

    A varied list that I may look into some myself one day! Sadly I come from a completely different generation so I didnt get to experience most of these, but I trust in your Posts and will try to get these on my own playlist 🙂 Enjoy your future games!


    1. I had some change in my Top 3 recently actually, switching place between Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate 2, the latter being number one before.

      This list is nowhere near set in stone and could change if games would be better than those I have on this list so far.

      It could happen. If I understand what you meant, that was what happened in the switch between Planescape and Baldur’s Gate. And also, both Dragon Age and Mass Effectg have fallen down far on the list from where they were before.


      1. Hehe changed already! 🙂 It’s hard for me to even choose a Top 3, let alone keep them all arranged properly! I’d keep switching everytime I thought of things I’d done in the games that were more enjoyable then others!

        Cool 🙂 Will be fun to see the changes in a future release of your Top 10. See what stayed where and what might have suddenly kicked another off its high spot!

        And I meant like… Similar to what I said in my top paragraph of this reply 🙂 Say you chose a game for your number 1 spot, then later on a few years down the line you played another game and thought back to say, the game on number 3, and realised it left a bigger imprint on you, do you think you’d switch them around to accommodate or just leave them as is?


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