A Bird Story

So, one hour later, I finished A Bird Story and I must say that the game, or more like the visual novel, is somewhat hard to describe. There is almost no game play except for letting you walk short distances and interact with a few things. It is kind of bizarre in its ways but cute nonetheless. When I look back at A Bird Story, I can’t help but thinking that it maybe reflects the passing of a loved one. The fact that you hold on as hard as you can to that person, with all your memories until you are maybe forced to let go or just accept the fact that they are going to a better place and all you can do to honor them is to keep them in your heart forever.

The story of a boy finding and rescuing a bird from being eaten, takes a deeper meaning with all it’s dreamlike moments where, at least, I was waiting for him to maybe wake up or something like that due to the fact that the moments seemed to blend together. Real life blending into memories that blends into fantasy. There were some sadness to the game but I couldn’t help but smile on occasion as the two interacted with each other, being by each other in everything.

How did you see the game?

A Bird Story Site

3 responses to “A Bird Story

  1. A Bird Story. My next game after To The Moon from this developer.

    All in all while it was very short, I could still feel the power behind it. Not long ago my own pet passed away who I had for 15 years so the bond the two created and time spent together hit home a bit. Continuing on my voyage into this game I was also pleasantly surprised about the upbeat nature compared to To The Moon, which genuinely I felt wasn’t going to happen (The happy surprising parts I mean).

    – What was the most surprising part of the game for you? The bit that knocked you back the most from To The Moon.

    The only weak area of this game I found was the shortness and maybe some of the repeated time skipping of the game. I suppose it was more of just a game to bridge the time gap between To The Moon and the next one πŸ™‚ .

    – Do you think he had some personal motivation for this game? Maybe a pet of his own died?

    These games just go to show how much emotion and power you can put into a game and not need epic next level graphics! Just ambience, style and touching music ( I have the soundtrack for both games πŸ˜€ )

    – Would you say the Developer should move into bigger projects to lead or stick to his indie style smaller games?

    A nice pocket sized Review for a small game. I enjoyed playing it myself just wish it went on for longer. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next main game though. πŸ™‚ Game on!!


    • The game was nowhere near surprising and sadly neither that interesting really. To the moon is way way better than this.

      Maybe he did, it felt so at times. But I wouldn’t say that the game is neither that powerful nor emotional.

      I’d say that he’d better keep to these small games, they are nowhere near the good games yet even though I enjoyed To the Moon and A Bird Story a bit.


      • Oh yeah, To The Moon was a lot better, but I still enjoyed this one even if it was really small and such. πŸ™‚

        Maybe it’s because I had a pet who died recently I felt more inclined to this… Hrm, who knows!

        Hehe πŸ™‚ Imagine if he teamed up with other great storytellers in games though! Would be fun to see the result, if not backed by companies such as EA anyway… -Throws money at best graphics!- πŸ˜›


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