The Last of Us…

So, I just finished The Last of us and … well, I have to say that it must be one of the worst and most uncreative games I have ever played. I’ve read that it has won awards and that it is seen as a really great game but I can’t for the life of me see how the game would even come close? I even have to say that even Dragon Age 2 is way better and oh how I complained on that game.

To start off this review, the game lack deep/proper story, choices, emotion and back story to all the characters. What have Joel and Tess been doing for the last 20 years? What kind of relationship did they have? What went down between Joel and his brother?
The fact that the characters are so emotionless around the death of people and that the game leave loose ends everywhere is another good reason to call this a bad game. Also the ending have to be one of the most idiotic, selfish and bullshit endings I’ve seen in a game but I won’t spoil for those that still wants to try it, not that it is worth it at all.

The fact that they are attacked by either clickers, bloaters, runners, or “evil hunters” aka humans, who truly have the need to kill them for whatever reason, every step of the way just makes the game so much worse, and how that makes a good game will always be beyond me. Battling against only 4 kinds of enemies makes the game even more repetitive. The game isn’t even good for exploration even tho the world around them looks large and beautiful.

17 hours later of meaningless killing and almost only one-liner cut scenes from each character just made me so disappointed. The only things that this game have going for itself is the gore and the graphics. I have nothing more to say…


7 thoughts on “The Last of Us…

  1. The Last Of Us (I played the PS4 Remastered version, although judging by the pics I can’t see much difference from the PS3).

    While this game was very over-hyped, I must say I did enjoy the characters within the game. My favourites being Tess and Ellie. Sad to see you disliked this game so much, but at least you pushed through to the end. Thank you for that 🙂

    – Do you feel there was some similarities between The Last Of Us and Enslaved: Odyssey to The West? I felt drawn between both games with certain similarities, like Trip being an older version of Ellie.

    Yes, I have to agree that the 20 year gap was very limited in explanation, and while the death of Joel’s daughter was sad, it felt rushed. As if to say “Quick! Throw something emotional in!” right at the start of the game before we even get a grip on how/where/when/why the virus started. I found it kind of funny how, when only about half an hour after the virus started to get out of control, the Military was ordering to shoot on innocent people, infected or not. Hope if something ever does happen similar in real life, the Government/Military wouldn’t be so ready to kill off its people.

    – Do you think the Government/Military can be trusted if the world ever went into this state? (If the Government can even be so readily trusted nowadays…)

    I think the reason the characters acted so emotionless around death is that well… They’re surrounded by death all the time. Humans by nature will survive by any means necessary, so certain social aspects of them (us) will be killed off in the 20 years of civilisation being slowly killed off by these ‘infected’. I guess if you look back to when mankind first started to become more social, death was a regular occurrence, and while there was mourning, it didn’t affect as many because death was so common.

    – Do you think humanity would fall so quickly into a more primitive state if the world suffered such a pandemic? Or do you feel we rely too heavily on today’s technology and would struggle to survive?

    Haha yes I despised the ending too. I won’t spoil, but I was disappointed on two fronts with the ending, which I have found in other games that have a similar ending. I would hope Developers would have learnt by now.

    Now, the enemies… Yes, repetitive, and falling repeatedly into pits of the ‘Infected’ or loads of them coincidentally converging on where I am out of nowhere was damn aggravating and felt so like they were just trying to elongate the game time. Thankfully they gave us Fire-bombs, which were a Godsend as the stupid Infected always run into the fire which helped me clear out areas fast. Or even ran towards the grenades. Probably my most used weapons in the game! The human enemies were pretty damn dumb, running out into the open, making them easy headshot pickings. Pew pew!

    – Favourite part of the game though? If you have one… Let’s just say a part that made you actually have a tinsy bit of hope for the games future? Heh

    17 hours? Felt shorter then that for me… Also don’t bother with the Left Behind DLC. While it felt a bit more realistic, and told you more of Ellie’s backstory, it really was kinda of predictable.

    – If there was DLC to explain the gaps in the 20 years, would you try it? Or is it too late to fix what they have done?

    First big game post of 2015 and you didn’t enjoy the game, sad to see that you had a bad experience for your first game of 2015, but hopefully you’ll be finding more fun throughout the year! Like on your list! 🙂 Godspeed, and I look forward to the next review! Game on!


    1. I wouldn’t say similarities per se, as Enslaved was a way better game. I suppose it’d be similar with the fact that both girls follows the leading guy and gets into places that he doesn’t.

      Actually, I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust them, I think.

      I think we’d struggle a lot if the world when to hell. Generally, I think that the humans can’t do much without many things that we’ve invented.

      I had no such part in this game, sadly. It only made me more worried about the future.
      I wouldn’t try it, it wouldn’t really help at all.


      1. Enslaved was awesome yes 🙂 Would gladly replay that game just to re-live it all!

        I agree with you there. Government is very fickle.

        ‘The humans’ ? 😛 Are you of another Race? Hehe. The Gamer Master Race!

        Ahh okay 🙂 Can understand that.


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