Swan Song

“It is a snowing Christmas Eve… Everything seems so peaceful when a huge earthquake occurs. The earthquake causes the city to be in ruin, and the surviving people need to find ways to stay alive. Some go crazy and rob others, some cling onto God, some gather to live together. The 6 main characters meet at a church while they were trying to find shelter from the snow. What will they see and experience in this extreme situation…?”

This is a erotic visual novel that I recently played that let you see the world from the eyes of a man that experiences an devastating earthquake. The point of view changes from time to time between a few characters and there are many roads to take through the story. If you take one choice, some new might come up further ahead and some might not and vise versa. Most of the town is completely destroyed and during his travel to find shelter, he is going to meet many interesting characters.

The story is terribly sad, realistic, romantic and lots of other things. It revolves around how people handle a catastrophe by themselves and in small groups. Who takes lead? What can everyone do? and so on. It has some sex scenes in it but it is really fitting for the story.

I played the English version of this game and it is really well written and the art in the game is beautiful. I felt like I should write about this as it gets one thinking, what would really happen if a giant catastrophe struck? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. Powerful entry there 🙂 Seems the survival genre of games is starting to crop up more often recently (Actual survival instead of Horror Jumpscare Survival), with most recent myself being “This War Of Mine” (Which is a great game might I add! Maybe something to play in the future? -nudgenudgewinkwink- Heh)

    – Survival games (not horror survival, although there are some very good ones out there that could be on my favourite games) are one of my favourite genres. Sometimes I feel zombie survival is heavily overdone, but in your eyes, what kind of survival game do you feel has the most potential and why?

    I haven’t played many visual novels myself, just mainly for the fact very good ones are hard to find in my circle. I don’t know many others who play them, if any, and its difficult to try and search for these types of games when most of the very good ones (like this one seems to be) originates from Japan.

    – What was your first ‘good’ visual novel game, and why/how did it first attract you too it’s style/genre?

    (Liking the style of anime face drawing too, is unused in most I see.)

    It seems Japan has always been good at this type of thing. Not just making good games for the sake they’re fun and have good story, but for the questions they make you ask yourself. Something you see in their Anime TV shows/movies too. I find myself wanting to have seen a lot more anime when I was younger then American Cartoons. (Though I’ll always hold a soft spot for Scooby Doo :-D)

    – What have you learned/gathered yourself from Japanese Culture? Do you feel they try to bring matureness to their children early through anime to help them forward?

    What do I think? It’s hard to say. In todays world, I think people would sooner turn on each other then help. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago, it could have been different, but I suppose with the internet and such nowadays maybe people will travel further then they would of before to find loved ones they knew about in different countries online but never met in person. The chance of them being alive something a person can hope for, and in days such as that, hope may be all they have.

    A touching post for another Visual Novel 🙂 Happy to see more, even if its a bit of a sombre novel in this time of good tidings. Looking forward to the next post, have fun!


    1. I haven’t really played any survival games at all as most of them are horror styled as well, so I don’t know really.

      I think I have to say that Fleeting Blossom was the first “proper” visual novel I played. Being a fan of romance stories and lots of text, my bf searched the internet and found some for me to play.

      From what I know, most visual novels do have the anime style, haven’t really seen any other proper without it.


  2. I’ve not finished this game myself yet, but so far I’ve been at the edge of my seat basically while doing so, wondering what will happen next, will they be ok etc. I do like the artwork in it.

    If such a huge giant catastrophe happened we would see civil unrest, people trying to survive, band together to do so, but also people not caring for anything, killings, theft, rape etc. would most likely increase.

    People that normally would be civil and behave within the framework of society would stop doing so, chaos would ensue I believe.

    But if the society as a whole has collapsed and any form of central government are unable to establish any form of control we will see local lords popping up, perhaps holding a town in their control to begin with.

    So it will more or less be an medieval state of affairs after some time I would say, we’ve seen it happen when empires collapse and no direct form of centralized control remains.


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