Hells bells, the video for Pillars of Eternity…

So, I just saw the pre-order trailer for Pillars of Eternity, and I have to say that the game looks way better with each video that comes out. I am so in love with this game already, I can’t wait for it to get out. It is coming in 2015, sadly, for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.
Is there anyone as excited as I am for this game?

Pillar of Eternity

And on another note, there are 23 days until Christmas. I can’t help but to already hang up decorations and light candles with all the scents of Christmas. Is anyone else preparing for Christmas?

5 responses to “Hells bells, the video for Pillars of Eternity…

  1. OoOoO pretty snow effects… But! Onto the post!… -continues moving cursor around for a bit-…

    Saw this trailer the other day, and it does look pretty amazing! Even from a 45 degree angle view, it feels so lifelike like I’m in a much closer view. Can’t wait to give it a try, all that Kickstarter money can easily be seen has fed directly into the game!

    – Did you notice anything that made you feel really nostalgic from the old game in this trailer, or any other video released for it so far?

    Has been sometime since last saw a post, but was definetly sure there’d be a Christmas one at least soon 🙂 Nice to see you around still, and looking forward to the next game post! Or even another Christmas post!

    23 days and I still haven’t touched the christmas decorations… However! Do have plans for some nice stuff this year 🙂 New stuff also! So many presents to buy too… Damnit -Looks at my poor savings- 😦 Christmas… Darn you…

    – Anything special planned this year for you also?

    Nice to see you once again, and can’t wait for the next post! Happy Christmas to you in advance! 🙂


      • 🙂 Yes I remember your love for those games in previous posts!

        Ahh okay, yeah! Will hopefully see more posts for special occasions on here too 🙂 Have a great Christmas otherwise and look forward to spending a 2015 reading through all those new games on your List!


  2. I watched that trailer as well and I have to say that I do agree with you it looks really nice 🙂 Looking forward to see even more about it in the future.

    Yes I am preparing for yuletide as well, going to get some nice candles and such this week. Everyone should light up the darkness that is during this time of the year don’t you agree?


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