DMC: Devil May Cry

So, sometimes I can feel that being sick has its perks, even though you feel lousy it makes you do things that you normally maybe wouldn’t do to relax or keep your mind of it. Like reading a book or playing something that you normally wouldn’t play but have lying around.

DMC was such a thing for me, I would never really play these games as they are no real interest to me and when I played this game, it just became so much clearer. The over the top cheesy lines, the kinda poor graphics (which I was a little bit surprised about) and poor story just made the game so much worse. The characters wasn’t so likeable and the ending has no twist, no surprise.

The game took me 15 hours to complete, and the game play is rather easy. The game was made up by different missions, with a lot of cut scenes. Most of the “cooler” moves was made by the game and hardly gave the player any control at all per se. You get style points for killing your enemies in different ways and after each mission you get ranked on that, D I suppose would be the lowest and SSS being the highest. A SSS ranking on a mission will also give you a trophy, as does a lot of other things.

If you want mindless button mashing then this game is for you, though this is a reboot of the older Devil May Cry, that I faintly remember hearing, were at least a bit more challenging.

7 responses to “DMC: Devil May Cry

  1. Being sick can have it’s perks that’s for sure, as long as you’re able to not just feeling totally miserable, we have all heard about men and their colds right? 😉

    Hope you’re doing better, on towards the game.

    To me the graphic didn’t look to bad, almost as it had a different design about it, is that just my eyes deceiving me?
    How old is this version, perhaps that also has a part in it?

    Do you think that you being sick affected the number of hours it took to complete? Or would you say 15 hours is a fair amount of content for this game?

    You mention in the post that you felt that the player lacked control at times, did this affect you negatively towards the game? Did you feel that if the story had been more engaging you had been more lenient towards accepting the loss of control?

    Was the style points and trophies something that made you want to try and get a higher rating for each mission or just something you noticed as it passed you by?

    Do you see anything redeeming about the game? A good hack’n’slash can give enjoyment at times, does that exist in this game at all?

    Would you consider trying out the older series to compare this reboot against those?

    Are there other hack’n’slash games you would consider playing, perhaps next time you feel under the weather? 🙂


    • I think it is just your eyes deceiving you. The game got released 2013.

      It think thanks to me having a bit of a trouble focusing, the game took way longer than a normal playthrough.

      I suppose that the lack of control on some parts made the game a bit more like an action movie but I would have referred to play it all myself.

      No not really, I did change my moves from time to time, resulting me to get most S/SS scores on my missions at times, even got SSS once.

      I suppose that people could find the gameplay good, I really found it boring however.

      I have tried some older before, not liking it one bit so I never continued playing it.

      I might try out God of War sometime, having played the first. To play the second so soon just felt to much so that I might finish sometime.


  2. Devil May Cry. Probably one of the least interesting game Series I’ve looked at. None of my friends played it, I didn’t play it. The first experience/knowledge I had of it was when I was Roleplaying in my old MMO one day and the… Well, let’s say, the ‘well known copy cat’ roleplayer came in with a carbon copy of the DMC main character, right down to the name of his weapons. While this may have further marked my opinion of this games character, I have to admit this may have caught my attention a little more because of its graphics style and updated character (Looked more… Every day, then the over the top attempted ‘serious badass’ that was the old character) however it still didn’t push me to attempt this game.

    Sadly I have no knowledge at all of this game and the Series, all I know is the title, and the fact he is…Some form of Demon/Darkness Hunter who uses a mix of old and modern weaponry?

    – Think you achieved something doing this playthrough or was it just like… “Well, I was ill, ‘eh.”?

    – Ever try the old Series? I see you’ve heard of them, but ever given them a shot?

    – Has this pushed you to want to try out more games you don’t think you’ll like? Or reinforced… “I was right not to try them.” ?

    While I can’t put any of my own opinion into this, was still nice to read. Interesting too, as its not something you usually play, as you mentioned. Then again… Fifteen hours of gameplay, probably more then most games have in story, but I guess most of them hours was in the drawn out fight sequences? Look forward to the next Post.


    • Actually Dante is a Nephilim, a hybrid between angel and devil, at least in this game.

      I didn’t feel like I achieved something, it was just to waste time really, being completely bound to lying down.

      I have tried an older game, never liked it one bit.

      I’ll probably try more games sometime that I might feel are a bit different, only for curiosity really.

      Well most hours was really just me having a hard time focusing on the battles or the stupid doors around the world. That and the fact that it took ages to get back “up” when I fell down a hole.


      • Angel/Devil Hybrid… Sounds like a cliche main hero: “Is good with a terribly strong evil side.” Makes him more ‘badass’, I think they were trying for.

        Ouch confined to the sofa/bed? Hope ya getting looked after! Would be cruel for someone to stick bad games on for you to play and you cant do anything about it. Hope ya feel better soon!

        Yeah, try everything! There are some good PS3 games out there, just hard to find a diamond in the rough.

        – Which game made you get a PS3 to start with? Or just wanted it so if any exclusives looked good you had a PS3 ready?

        Yeah I can imagine the game mechanics that are there just to make the game appear longer were slowly drilling into your ill-affected patience. Lets hope whoever was looking after ya didnt come in to say hello and you had fallen down another hole. Death glare to end all death glares? 😀


        • Well he wasn’t good per se. He just had both powers of angels and powers of devils, really.

          I got the PS3 for free, so there wasn’t any special game but I had promised myself to play Heavy Rain first of all and I did.

          I was way to sick to give any death stares, sadly.


          • Ahh okay. Suppose thats different!

            For free? Nice! 🙂 Still got my original 60gb with a 500gb harddrive replace the little 60. And yeah Heavy Rain/Beyond are two amazing ps3 games.

            Aw shame, but I’m sure you’d have loved too! Hehe 😉


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