Quick look: Wasteland 2

So, Wasteland 2 just came out a couple of days ago and I tried it out. I have to say that it is much fun. The animations are really nice and so is the story writing.

I just tried the game for an hour or so but from what I could see, it is a good looking game. The battles are really nice with all the splatter animations but ammo is something that surely is hard to collect.

I’ll write a better post when I finish it but for now, I think you all should try it out, it is really worth it.


3 thoughts on “Quick look: Wasteland 2

  1. Wasteland 2… A similar game to Fallout 1 and 2 if I recall correctly. Did look at this but it wasn’t really my type of thing, and with other games coming up soon that are taking my attention it was hard to build interest for this game.

    However, since I started reading your posts, I’ve found that you seem to be truly right with your choices and views on games that I’ve followed after reading your posts and found myself liking them too. I will try make time for this when I can.

    – One random question though I wanted to ask: are there many games you find that look and sound very good, and you want to like, but when you play it… Do you find yourself trying to like it but can’t? If so, which was the most recent?


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