So, I just finished a game called Unrest and I have to say that while the graphics are very much like a flash game, the story is sort of thick, filled with intrigues, politics, war and murder. I felt that the game is hard to follow as it was changing main character after each huge event and not really telling you where you are placed per se.

The game isn’t that long but it is giving the player a lot of options however. I don’t know what else to say about this game other that it really wasn’t for me.

“Unrest is an adventure RPG that adapts to death, failure, and the choices you make.
Play as ordinary people struggling for food, safety, freedom, and a chance at peace.
Explore an ancient Indian city using conversation, manipulation and (rarely) violence.”
Unrest website


8 thoughts on “Unrest

  1. Was there any parts of this game that you found appealing even if you felt that it was not for you, were the story in any way well written and engaging?

    The graphics got me thinking of some kind of children’s book or an older style of cartoons more from the eastern block during the last part of the cold war. You call it “very much like a flash game” and in a way I can agree even if I feel it’s more of a cartoony style than purely flash game style.

    Might this game have been inspired thanks to the amount of unrest, poverty, starvation etc. around the world, a way to make people a bit more aware on how it might be to be in such a situation?

    Would you say, if that’s the case, that they managed to bring attention to the subject?


    1. Not really, I suppose that people interested in politics and such would find this more interesting.

      Yeah, it can be that but I feel that the game doesn’t really bring it up in such a light, just as a reason for more schemes in the story really.


  2. Haven’t heard of this game before now. Watching the video, it is quite different to the regular games I play. To be honest, I also didn’t see much ‘fandom’ about it. Usually at least see some people talking about a new game, but this kinda stayed under wraps.

    Changing character repeatedly? Sounds like a pretty controlling RPG, not much freedom to develop a character of your own but if the characters have good stories I suppose it can work. What doesn’t work is if you keep switching characters so fast you barely have time to even remember the persons name!

    – From all the character switching and thick story. how long was this game? And would you say it was worth the time you put into it?

    – Do you feel this game could have achieved much more if it had a personalised character creation?

    – When you quoted ‘adapts to choices you make’, can you give an example of what difference it would make if a character had died in contrast to if he/she hadn’t died?

    – And finally, even if this game was not as popular as may seem, do you think it will still have a background effect in future games to come? Like a game that wasn’t popular, but had innovation enough to still leave a mark.


    1. Yes, the game plays after a specific event revolving around 5 characters, switching between them now and then. However as I have mentioned, the choices are very many.

      This game is around maybe 2-3 hours if played straight, I think.

      It might have, if it focused a bit better on one character but the switching made the game stand out a bit more.

      I didn’t replay so I can not comment on what would happen if some one did or didn’t.

      This won’t affect games the slightest, or at least I don’t think so.


      1. So many choices, revolving around so many characters. Imagine it’s difficult to keep track without complete concentration on the game and played in one sitting.

        2-3 hours? That is terribly short for an RPG…Especially if so much choice, imagine if there was no multiple characters.

        – How does switching of characters work? Does it just instantly shift, or do you get small conversational areas that slowly shift to the next character?

        Yeah, I can see that. Have a single Hero to concentrate all that decision making and story on. Would maybe even extend the story as they could develop more.

        Ah okay, guessing you won’t replay either as it wasn’t for you. No trouble 🙂

        Okay, just a thought as sometimes game developers look back at lesser known/less successful games and take them to improve them. Even get more out of them if they succeed.


          1. Yeah, tbh are you really roleplaying? Or just getting told different characters stories while you are the medium to control them. Seems hard to say its RPG when you’re just being thrown between characters you haven’t even made… And yeah… But sometimes, long RPG’s don’t make good ones either! Skyrim is a few hundred hours long (Including literally everything) yet the main story lacked and the gameplay (While nice to have a few of the new things) lacked a bit too. Thankfully, Elder Scrolls has been saved by Mods!

            Oh? That sounds… Innovative, heh. It’s like they just throw away the previous character in hopes you’ll be enthralled at least once by one of their characters. Just keep going till they have made one you like and even then they skip past it to the next one.


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