DIY: Geeky accessories

So, I just searched through, what felt like, millions of Google results to find some places that sell some sort of Game inspired clothing that aren’t just shirts from a MMO or some shooter without finding anything proper at all, though I saw some pictures of fun accessories inspired by different games like Zelda and Mario and so on. But if I’d find them myself, I’d probably have to order from U.S.A or something like that for a silly amount of money so I thought to myself: “Hey,Β  I can do that.”

I bought some plastic beads that I used to love when I was young, and some things for making a necklace among other things. I sat down, put the beads into place and then ironed them with my trusty steam iron. Only after my first try, I realized that I should have been placing the motive mirrored. I fixed my wrongs and it came out perfect. A tip however, if you are going to buy a bag with mixed colored beads, be sure to buy extra blacks if you are going to use it, mine ran out quickly and I didn’t use all that many.

I took my inspiration from the Zelda games after seeing some heart necklaces that I think are so nice.

What you need:
Some band or anything for the necklace (I used elastic bands for mine)
Beads in the required colors
An iron of any kind
Baking paper or the recommended paper for the beads (I used baking paper)
Some metal hooks or the like to stick your band for the necklace into

Good luck!

(The little greenish blue thing at the top was a try to see how the other colors would turn out.
It was supposed to say Gamer but it isn’t really that visible)

8 responses to “DIY: Geeky accessories

  1. I really enjoy your DIYs and would love to see more when you got something you want to show. πŸ™‚

    The blue greenish thing took me a while to see what it was, guess it was a bit of the duck or a rabbit thing, once I saw what it was it was clear as day to me.

    Was it any risk of burning yourself or the beads at any point?

    Are there other accessories you’ve seen that you’re interested in making yourself, beads or out of other materials?

    Thank you for a fun and inspiring post, I always enjoy seeing people using their creativity and skills.
    Keep up the good work you’re putting into your posts!


    • Aren’t there always some chance of burning oneself on an iron though? But yes, the first beads heart I did I actually melted to much, resulting in me melting the plastic thing under as well that was holding the beads in place. No harm done there however, lucky me.

      There are clothes in general but I do not have a sowing machine nor the skills but it would be fun to try it.

      Thank you.


      • That is true it is, I merely wanted to query if there were a specific incident, such as the one you provided, good thing no harm were done. πŸ™‚

        I see, I hope you find a cheap sewing machine and the time to practise your skills at some point then and of course that you will share your progress with us. πŸ˜€


  2. Heart Necklaces! I’ve seen quite a few of these on Google images of Gamer’s wearing them, though most not by actual beads, just the effect of pixels/beads. (Another suggestion if you haven’t seen them: Health Bar Necklaces, similar to Hearts but a green bar with a slight red on it for the empty part, or Potion earrings! Actual vials with coloured liquid in them and sealed toppers, I imagine a bit pulling on the ear when moving fast, but still they looked rather snazzy with a blue on one ear and red on the other.)

    Nice to see more Gamer apparel from you, especially home-made gear. The Gamer sign isn’t so bad either, just hard to see in the light is all. Very well done! (That Gamer sign could go above your Gaming Room door! Or bedroom door)

    – How long would you say it took for you to make the Gamer sign? There is more different coloured beadings on that.

    Sadly yeah, items like this ready made are sold mainly from the USA, and sometimes aren’t even that high quality and break easily. I bought a necklace once with a game symbol on the end (I can’t for the life of me remember what it was). It was solid metal with gold plating around the tip, but the gold wore off so fast and it wasn’t even rubbing against anything, seems as the round top of it made sure the gold area didn’t contact that much with my skin. Maybe the shirt? I don’t know. Know I won’t ever buy something like that again, was a proper licensed product too from the game company, which was a shame.

    – Having a look at these, how big are they in comparison to a normal necklace? Looking at the wiring, and hooks, it’s hard to gauge the true size without something else to compare with.

    -Think you’ll actually wear the Heart necklaces out? Or just something you made for fun?


    • The bigger “sign” took maybe about 10 min, I think. And well the necklace with the three hearts is 10×3,5 cm long, the big sign is 13×5 cm and the single heart is 4,5×4 cm.

      I will absolutely wear them outside, it will probably come more in the future.


      • Wow no time at all really, especially for items that most likely cost less and will last longer then the ready made USA items! (Open up your own store ideas maybe? WinkWink, heh)

        Nice eye for proper colouring and setting of the beads though, my Gamer sign would probably read “gAmr” heh. Sizes are actually quite big too, but it makes them easily visible! Look forward to seeing more from you πŸ™‚

        – In the future? Do you have plans for other gaming attire/accessories then to go with a style? … Huh, what would be cool right: A kind of…Gamer Hip Hop style! Those necklaces are your Gaming bling! Should make some Bit rings or something like that? Would be awesome. πŸ˜€


          • Nice πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing more! And oooo, home dΓ©cor! πŸ˜€ Hah, that will be awesome to see πŸ™‚ I will be highly anticipating seeing some ideas for home dΓ©cor from you, no doubt they will be great. Might even use some ideas myself if one takes my fancy!

            Thanks for the post on your personal creativity, once again more artwork from you that I hope will develop more and more in future posts. Good luck with the games you are playing at the moment too!


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