Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

So, just finished Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and I have to say that it is a really fun game.
The graphics are beautiful, the game generally is really amazing. The characters are a few of the most colorful I’ve ever seen and I kinda love them all actually. It is really creative and gives me a feeling of God of War and Shadow of the Colossus mixed together in a steam punk world.

There is a lot of battles and swinging from platform to platform in this game that can be a bit annoying but I felt that the mechanics of the game works really well and there isn’t any trouble with jumping everywhere or dodging enemies even though the game stresses you like hell, however trying to navigate between mines with the “cloud” was kind of annoying when I tried to grab all the tech blob thingys. After a while I just took those I could and forgot about the rest, my hording/collecting little “OCD” girl inside of me screamed in despair, heh. I also found out that stunning mechs that have shields is the easiest way to take them down.

The game is really comedic and jokes with a few parts of itself that I felt was a nice breeze. Even have a few sexual jokes in there that made me chuckle. There is also some romantic parts of it that felt really nice but that is for the player to explore. The interaction between characters are spot on, the animation for the faces in this game is awesome, you can’t help but to love it when somethings happen, had me chuckling from time to time. Voicing and doing the motions are Andy Serkis, Lindsey Shaw and Richard Ridings.

I did not agree with the ending fully however. Feeling that it was unfair to do like they did instead of thinking one step longer. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

  1. I remember seeing the trailer to this game and thinking it could be interesting, never picked it up though.

    Does the game occur in a post-apocalyptic New York? Feels like it looking at the two last screenshots you present.
    How strong influence does Steam Punk have on the game? Are there more factors beside those droids?

    You write that the game stresses you, how much would you define “like hell” is? Is it so that you sat shaking once the stress moments were over? And how did the poor little “OCD” girl fare in the end? Did she calm down the further into the game you came or was it hard to leave things behind all through it?

    Unfortunately I haven’t tried this game yet so I cannot comment on the ending I might have to play through it and come back to you.

    Looking forward to read your next review.


    1. Yeah, I suppose something like that. And the game is heavily influenced by steam punk. Droids, machines, factories and so on.

      Well maybe not shaking but it was stressful as the game won’t save anywhere so if you die, you can end up restarting from the last checkpoint that can be at the start of the level.

      And my little “OCD” girl did calm down but it sure bothered me a lot. The Tech things are needed for upgrading your skills.


  2. Monkey! Trip! 😀 I got this game straight on release and didn’t regret any of it!

    PS3 release date and I played this non-stop daily 🙂 Loved the entire setting and story, with such flair in the characters. Even just the whole feel of Monkey: Yes he looked hugely muscular and a bit… Weird shaped, but the way he held himself in the game and the movements… It felt so realistic. No upright, respectable muscle bound hulking man: This was a man raised in the wastes of human civilisation where you had to duck, jump and sprint to survive. Further complimented by his, albeit reluctant, companion Trip! The techy, sassy red head who holds your ‘leash’! (These female red heads, they seem to be getting all the badass roles!)

    – Reading through your review, you make mention of slight romantic areas. I can’t remember too much of the game due to me playing years back, but how did it play out to you? A smooth, budding romance between tough-guy and tech-girl?

    Combat itself felt a bit button mashy sometimes, but it looked so fluent and fun! That huge ass staff-type thing you get and the ‘power fist’… Daymn, I just loved every bit of this game. For some reason too, after playing The Last Of Us, I felt like Enslaved was an alternate character-verse: A huge muscular Joel looking after an older, still as sassy, Ellie!

    – Between Monkey and Trip, who did you feel played the role of ‘changing’ the other personality wise more? Trip softening Monkey, or Monkey toughening Trip up for the world ahead?

    Voice acting was top notch (Well, what can I expect from an actor like Andy Serkis?), the story was intense and well-structured, with Trip being a very useful companion! (Not dis-similar to Ellie in TLoU either!). I don’t play too many male characters in games, but Monkey definitely fit the role so well. He never lost that ‘animalistic’ personality of his, however you could easily tell he softens around Trip… You know, when he’s not threatening to ‘rip her head off’ ( 😉 ). Trip herself would have been fun to get some play time on her. One point, where she runs off on her own due to an ‘incident’ (No spoilers here) shows even though she’s your companion, she still has a mind of her own and an attachment to the world that Monkey doesn’t have. Would be fun if even we had a small DLC to see more of her backstory (Something like “Left Behind” DLC for TLoU).

    – Yes, yes that ending… Hmm, up for much debate. I will try not to make any spoilers here, and I hope we can avoid spoilers in the question/answer, but I will say now:

    My Opinion – Potential Spoilers:
    My opinion of the ending was that yes, the decision made could have been a bad one, however was the ‘situation’ really one that could be considered not cruel?
    I think the trouble with answering this is if it can truly be agreed whether or not their situation was good for them… Or was going to eventually end humanity. After all, what had happened to them wasn’t going to give much chance for real-world reproduction. I think what the design of that system they had been put into was for a temporary reprieve until the world had righted itself. Of course, this never happened and therefore the system was ‘broke’.
    The ‘computer’ believing what it was doing was right for humanity and didn’t know any other way, so the characters being human did what most would do: Fought for freedom, be it in a violent way that may have future repercussions. In the short run, yes the decision was wrong. They could have left them there a while longer… But in the long run, I think they would had to have been removed from the system eventually to just keep the human populace alive. However, what is humanity without making a few mistakes? Maybe that was the real ending: Humanity would always end up destroying themselves, however one way or another, they will find a way to survive in the most difficult of ways. Be it on a purposeful decision, or just a simple presumed mistake by a young woman.

    A very good review with amazing picture taking! I am enjoying these more and more as they come out, thank you for enlightening us with your reviews! 🙂 Game on!


    1. Well I just felt that they grew together, I would have wanted more but then again I am a complete romantic I suppose.

      I felt that it was Trip changing Monkey, he seem to always have been a loner before her.

      I can agree with you but to just do it like that is cruel just because she felt it was needed.


      1. Yeah, would have been nice to see more, but who knows? It kinda ended on a cliffhanger so maybe a second game… Maybe…

        Yeah, and he seemed to change a lot even with the slave collar on. I imagine if she took it off at the beginning he would have beaten her up or at least knocked her out.

        Mhm, although cruelty is something humans are good at, no? Plus they are living in a desperate world, full of desperate people. At the end of the day they would have to destroy it, otherwise who can say other humans not a part of that will get jealous and come destroy it themselves?
        It seemed a pretty harsh way to end it, I agree. Turning it off at least would have been better, then they had something to come back too. Utterly destroying/killing it was a tad extreme.

        – Paradise can enlighten and corrupt. If one person is content with what they have, another will be jealous of said person and want to take it away. Can we say Trip acted on solely anger? Or did she grow jealous of how these humans were treated and hid it from Monkey so she could feel that what she had done was right?: “Did I do the right thing…?” was maybe more to herself then Monkey.


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