Poll: My top 10 female characters in games, who’s yours?

So the other day I thought about females in games that I’ve played over the years that I really like and thought it would be fun to do a list. There aren’t any special order to them, these are characters who have stood out to me as I’ve played the games. There are both protagonists, side characters and “antagonists”.

Vote for the one that you prefer in the poll at the bottom.

1: Trip, the tech knowledgeable girl from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. She is smart, a tech wiz, not a damsel and sexy as hell. Those eyes are hard to resist.

2: Ravel, the deep, many sided riddle that we all love. Ravel from Planescape: Torment have made me think, wonder and be amazed over all the sides of humans.

3: Commander Shepard, the ass kicking, space traveling hero that we all know and love in Mass Effect, especially the female voice by Jennifer Hale.

4: Triss Merigold, the feisty redhead that keeps Geralt, The Witcher, in line, and what a beautiful redhead at that.

5: Aribeth de Tylmarande, the half-elf that has one of the more extreme character arcs I’ve ever seen in any game, coming from Neverwinter Nights.

6: Qara, another redhead that let’s her passion and attitude get the better of the situation, her nicknaming is epic and it is never boring to have her around in Neverwinter Nights 2.

7: ZoΓ« Maya Castillo, the sweet and caring young woman that, in her search for her boyfriend, ends up in completely different places in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

8: Jennifer Tate, the fact that she has many demonic sides of herself makes her an real badass woman in Primal, teaming up with Scree, they’re a very lovable team.

9: Jeanette/Therese Voerman, the vampiric sisters of madness themselves, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines wouldn’t be anything without them.

10: Carla Valenti, the smart cop, dealing with the mysterious happenings in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, is one that you do not fool. The game portrays her really well.

I put my vote on Trip but it was a close tie with Ravel.


9 thoughts on “Poll: My top 10 female characters in games, who’s yours?

  1. Definitely out of this list will have to be Trip from Enslaved. I loved that game! Played it on ps3 on launch and completed it fairly quickly. Overall she was a good follower in the game but she also has a nice voice actor, design and story. I also like Shepard and Triss although Trip takes it for me in my love for Enslaved

    – Is there anything you specifically love to see in a follower? Like if they gather supplies or a crackshot with a gun, maybe good at lockpicking?

    Not on this list… Hmm… Ellie from The Last Of Us would have to be my favourite female follower character in a game so far! Definitely a lot of character progression there and her design was great! (Actually… Kinda makes me think a young Trip :-o) Er… Something wants me to say Lara Croft but only from the later games. She felt a lot more realistic in those and believeable. Who else… Hmm, some MMO characters I’ve run into like Countess Anise from GW2. She is getting a larger role recently which is interesting…

    – Speaking of the Follower stages, who have you found to be the best/most useful follower in games? A female and a male if you have one of each πŸ™‚

    Should do a poll for the best voice actor too! (Male and Female) Will be interesting to see your personal choices on those πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the next post!


    1. Well, the story of my follower and their interaction is what I love the most, sadly most followers aren’t so talkative.

      There are actually so many that are good in their own ways mixed with others so its hard to tell. The best, most useful must have been my own character heh.


      1. Yeah you get followers who just seem to be more robot then some of the robot Followers! I found even some of the animals were more useful (Dogmeat in FO3, I salute you!… anddidntmeantoshutthedooronyouwhenghoulsranatmeansdevouredyou >.> <.< … :-P)

        Heh yeah. The Hero of the game is always the most useful! We are playing them and therefore are far superior to weak AI! (-Skynet attack!-). I find sometimes though, especially in The Last Of Us, Ellie was invaluable. Giving me warnings, tips. Picking up and storing stuff I missed for situations later. However one qualm I have with The Last of Us is that the enemies in gameplay pay no attention to Ellie. An example: I was sneaking around enemies once and Ellie just ran out in front of them round a blocked path and it didn't trigger or stop them or anything.. Suppose it could help with annoyance of her getting repeatedly killed by her own AI but still. Broke immersion a lot heh.

        -That's something: Do you prefer immortal followers or ones that can perish? I like immortal but if they die in the story later on, that's much more dignified then turning around and seeing their corpse on the floor heh


  2. I remember reading your posts about a few of these, only one I’ve had any personal “experience” of is Ravel, I’m not counting Shepard as that character, when I play at least, was a male Shepard πŸ˜›

    If I would put up a name to consider it would be Samus Aran from the Metroid games, might be the first female protagonist in a game that I ran into. You also have started seeing some more female characters that are really kicking ass, the two in The Last Of Us comes to mind (Ellie and Tess).

    I left a vote on Ellie in The Last Of Us due to her humour and ability to survive and really kick ass, she is far from a damsel.

    When it comes to your list I would’ve loved seeing either a screenshot of each one or a small clip of where they showed why they had a spot on your list.

    I liked this post, it makes you think and even if I personally don’t have much experience of most of these you’ve listed it made me try and think of the female characters I’ve seen in games during the years I’ve been gaming. πŸ™‚

    Are you planning more posts like these in the future?


    1. Imo, Samus Aran makes me feel like she’s just on everyones list because she was one of the first. I have never played it myself, hence why she isn’t there or even thought of.

      And there might come a male list in the same sense as this one.


      1. It might be true that it can be like that, she was if not the first at least among the first strong female characters in games, so I guess it can be a reason why so many pick her.

        Looking forward to that list as well then. πŸ™‚


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