South Park: The Stick of Truth


“You know what a Dire bear is, right? It’s like a bear… but dire!” – Canadian

This have to be the most epic and nasty game I’ve played in my entire life on a comical level. South Park in itself is a pretty badass show and have made me laugh countless of times, this game is no different. The way it is played, mixing an ordinary RPG with the elements of South Park is just genius.

You start of by being the new kid in South Park and your mom and dad, who are really weird, wants you to get new friends while withholding information that will be relieved later in the game. You’ll do what they say and soon you will end up in the big battle between the dark elves and the humans aka Cartman vs. Kyle.

The story sure takes you on an adventure that you never would imagine, you’ll encounter aliens, underwear gnomes and your dads balls and you’ll wrestle your way through a gay mans asshole, who knew that so much things fit in there?

As you play through this game, you’ll meet most of the cast from South Park and either do quests for them or simply be their friends and adding them on “Facebook”. You’ll even be tossed into a makeover game, the pixelated world of Canada which is really awesome and a really hard battle with Al Gore himself, it took a little while to figure out how to beat him. I’m super cereal…
Β Β  screenshot_20140806_165337
The fact the game is built up by children playing is really nice. Instead of pure magic, they use crackers, their own farts and things found around the house and such. The keeps are built up in their backyards of cardboard and wood. The fact that they have to sleep early at night is also a nice twist to this game. The soundtrack is really nice, making it feel like I am actually adventuring through the elven forests and human lands.

The bard songs played by Jimmy must be the most awesome songs I’ve ever heard, especially mixed with his stutter. Kyle with his elven army and his “Rain of Arrow” is really a nice attack and Butters must be the sweetest character ever made, made me go “Aaaaww!” many times. The girls in the game are rather fun as well. “Sparkle! Sunshine!”

The game is animated really well and looks exactly like South Park. You can customize your character pretty much but you can’t change gender, and even as you get to pick a name, they’ll give you another one anyhow. Throughout the game you’ll find wigs, accessories, makeup and costumes that will alter your appearance and armor that will give you stats as well.
Overall this game is really epic, making me almost wanting to play it over again just to collect everything else. It is worth playing but if you don’t like South Park but have sick humor, this will fit you anyhow.

My stats at the end of the game at lvl 15:
Friends: 118/121
Chinpokomon: 30/30
Equipment: 53/103

Just remember, never ever fart on anyone’s balls.

8 thoughts on “South Park: The Stick of Truth

  1. Did you expect a South Park game to be a fun as you found it to be?

    Why I ask is that I have found that the majority of film or tv-shows turned into games seems to have a tendency to lack things and rather make into a bad experience than being a competitive game on the market.

    I must admit that I used to enjoy watching South Park and what I’ve seen of this game now seems like the time invested into it would be well spent πŸ™‚

    What did you think about how they represented Canada in that old Zelda/RPG way? Personally I must say that the screenshots you showed of it made me almost nostalgic πŸ˜€

    You show two screenshots about “princess Kenny” is that a game within the game where you have to dress up Kenny or what was the deal there? Too much of a spoiler if you answer perhaps?

    Do you think they released this game in a hope to attract more viewers to the show or perhaps to milk out as much from its fame before it declines too much?

    Not much else I can say beside that I perhaps should start watching South Park again and play this game as well. πŸ˜›

    Thank you for yet another enjoyable review. πŸ™‚


    1. Well I actually expected it to be kinda bad, so I was positively surprised.

      It was so much fun, the sounds and the graphics in Canada was epic and as you say nostalgic.

      It was just a little video on Kenny the princess, he is dressed as the princess in the Kingdom of Kupa Keep.
      There is however a “dress up” game for the main character that the girls make up.

      I think that it’s maybe both sides, to get more people to watch and to get a bit more money for it. Mostly everyone knows what South Park is, at least the older generations.


  2. Achievement Unlocked: Massively Multiplayer Real Life Fart Wars!

    South Park! Ahhh, fond memories of staying up late with my brothers, all huddled around a tiny, fat-back TV in the dark while our parents had no idea of the new words we were learning! πŸ˜‰ Such good memories of this show, even if it’s so vulgar and offensive! (Just goes to show, even if swearing can be considered rude, it still creates fond memories!)

    – Bit away from the Review of the game, but if you can recall, what is the most memorable moment you’ve had of South Park in the TV show?

    Now, the game. When I first heard about this, I actually had high hopes. One of the only games I’d ever played for South Park was South Park Rally on PS1, and I loved it! (The sped up theme song in the background on repeat still can ring in my ears if I think about it hard enough!) Then when I played it, I was thrilled to say the least. Not just because it was South Park, but because it was an RPG! (Surprisingly, it actually did the RPG part well for a Comical Game. For some reason too I was under the impression it was an actual MMO, but I must have got mixed up with the story itself being based around an MMO, sort of, but in real life with the South Park kids).

    – Have you played any other South Park games? Either console based, PC, or even Browser?

    Right from creating your character to exploring the world, it was fun, and graphical wise it felt like I was making my own sort of South Park Movie! (I know the graphics are pretty simplistic on the TV show, but still, it was impressive not just the quality but how they used it!). I played this on the Jew Class myself, which was a near instant decision. Knight, Mage, Thief, Jew… It just, stuck out. I had to see what kind of things they had done for this ‘Jew’ class.

    – What Class did you go with yourself? And what was your favourite ability? ( That wasn’t throwing your farts, hehe πŸ˜› )

    I kind of understood why they didn’t have a ‘Female’ class (Even in the TV show, the female characters never really got much of the spotlight for some reason.) though I was still a tad sad there wasn’t a choice. Even so, you could just make your male character look female which, while hilarious and sort of odd, with a little imagination could easily pass as a girl!… With ya know, flat chest…

    Very well done on your character in the picture where you are ‘aborting’ a pregnant man ( I think that is the correct scene… ) That character face, hair, and make-up looks very feminine!

    – Did you find yourself changing your characters looks a lot with the amount of clothing/designs you could have? Judging by the pictures, you seemed to enjoy dressing him/her up at the time!

    Some of the scenes were very… ‘Disturbing’ to say the least. Like your mention towards ‘dads balls’, although that did make me burst out with laughter when it happened! I’m just happy no ‘serious’ people jumped on this game and hated it’s content for younger children. Then again, they’d probably just get a slap because it’s South Park! Can’t have South Park without its sick humour! πŸ™‚

    – Was there a point in the game that made you think: “How the hell did they get away with this?!” ? Or even multiple points?

    Amazing review with tons of awesome pictures and a great insight into how much you loved this game and the TV show it represents. I look forward to hearing the next review from you. πŸ™‚

    P.S: Forget Prince Charming! Sir Douchebag is where it’s at! πŸ˜€


    1. I have so many sick memories from South Park, like the episode where they play a game online and get really fat and Cartman poos on his mother. That is a fun one.

      No, I haven’t played any other South Park games. Didn’t really know they existed.

      I played the Mage class, it was really fun. Tossing crackers and things. My favorite “spell” was “Dragon’s Breath”. I actually didn’t use the farts in battle at all.

      The look in the “abortion” picture was required to come in to the female club, hence the silly makeup. I hardly changed my character at all, besides when I had to. I found elven hair with ears that I stuck with the rest of the game, and some black paint under the eyes. I just wore the bonus costume “Sorcerer Costume/Necromancer Sorcerer costume” and mixed with the one that you get in the main story.

      I didn’t really think that, it is South Park after all, everyone knows what it is and it is really loved like that.


      1. Haha yes! “Make Love, Not Warcraft!” πŸ˜€ “…The Sword of a Thousand Truths!” -Orchestra plays-. (Also that poo bit on his mother is so disgusting xD)

        – But speaking about Cartman’s mother! Did you go into her room when you were in Cartman’s house and find all the… ‘Toys’ in there? πŸ˜›

        South Park Rally was really old, and quite simple. It was kind of similar to today’s Super Mario Cart games. Pick up powerups, hit other racers, etc etc!

        – If you can, try it on a PS emulator. I can’t remember too much, but… I think the characters do actually swear at each other and stuff, plus there was actually a lot more to unlock then I ever got! I was far too young to be allowed by my brothers to play the Story mode. All they cared about was racing!

        Ahh, I’m sure Cartman -loved- another magic type, being the almighty Wizard! πŸ˜‰ But oh? I did use them at first myself, mainly for amusement factor! (And farting on the Bosses was comical!)

        Ohh yes, the female Club, heh. He/She looks very good otherwise! And ahh, yes I recall on your previous games you do like to be an Elf so I was kind of looking for if you had the Elf ears/hair! But it’s great how this ‘comical’ game still has so much customization!

        – Did you switch to the Elves side away from Cartman when given the choice?

        Yeah, don’t think I have ever actually met someone who hasn’t heard of South Park… Well, except maybe some of the newer generation ( Damn kids these days! πŸ˜› )


        1. Yeah, I wandered wherever I could squeeze in so yeah, I saw all kinds of things in all those bedrooms, heh.

          Yes, of course I switched to the elven side, much more fun and besides Cartman is such an asshole.


          1. Hehe, nosey Douchebag! πŸ˜› I loved exploring the game! (Especially Cartman’s closet with all those nostalgic pieces!)

            Ahh, yeah I thought you would, with your love of Elves but wanted to see if you’d pick the other side here! (Against us humans ‘eh?! Elvish butthole! πŸ˜‰ Joking hehe)

            That is one thing I really love about the TV show/movie inspired games. They leave little ‘easter eggs’ or just cool bits in the cool where you recognise it from said movie/TV show πŸ™‚ I always look for Easter Eggs myself!

            – Are you an Easter Egg Hunter? Or just find them as you game?


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