DIY: New shoes!

So, the other day I felt the need for some new shoes cause the ones I got at home have started to break, sadly. The ones I bought are kinda plain, white and boring so I pulled out my textile coloring kit and started painting.
The other shoes I painted on last time were colorful so I chose to paint these in only black, found some cute shoelaces to go with them and voilá, new perfect shoes! The shoelaces are two different ones, the lace on the right is checkered and the one on the left have animal printed in black and white on it.
The eye on the right shoe is the logo from Neverwinter Nights, a perfect game and the skull on the left, I just painted for fun with headphones on and vampire fangs. You can interpret the words however you wish, I know what they mean to me.

8 responses to “DIY: New shoes!

  1. Nice looking shoes. 🙂
    How long did it take you to paint them?
    Did you get the motives and word into your head when you bought the shoes? Or was it something that came up later one?

    I do enjoy seeing your crafts like these, nicely done and thank you for sharing it 🙂


  2. Yeah 🙂 And not obsessive! Just loves it 😀 Gotta show what you love, it gets even more love for it when people ask what it is!

    Hmm… And oh yeah, we have the metal rings too ,but I meant a material around that too. Usually converse have them to stop the ring digging and rubbing into the softer fabric.

    Mhm, my shoes are all standard sadly! Although I have always wanted a pair of colourful DC’s… I should look into buying some of them soon to go with some shorts.

    Yeah, Gamer is easy to guess 🙂 And woo! Proud to be a Gamer, as you have played games a lot longer then me I bow down to your prowess! Hehe 😀 And yes, Freedom. Especially in the Internet today with all these new discoveries! (Or rediscoveries, depending on who you ask.)

    – Are you worried for the future ‘Freedom’ of the internet, or do you think it has far too much support for it to be ‘controlled’?

    Nice work again, can see the effort put into your work clearly. Should one day get all the customized clothes you have together and take a group shot. 🙂 Would make a nice collage.


      • I do worry for the future in many regards, I think that the internet will die eventually but I sure do hope that it will be stopped in some way. The world wide web is not what it used to be at all and that is kinda sad to think about.


        • Yeah. Just idiots wanting control over everything, sadly. Hopefully someone realises what they’re doing before they fully kill it, and come to their senses. Though humans have a track-record of messing s*** up then regretting it!

          “Too little, too late”.


  3. Oooo worn these with your Neverwinter Night’s painted Hoodie yet? 🙂 Black Hoodie with white painting and white shoes with black painting, very good contrast! I bet with the hoodie, would look cute in a skirt with these on! Awesome work, and in the closer look at the shoes, the stitching on the shoes looks quite unique actually 😮

    Very fine stitching with no lining to separate the shoelace holes from the rest of the shoes. Shoes where I live have different materials around the shoelace holes usually to reduce wear, but these look very nice! (And when I mean different material, I guess you can say its similar to how the heel on these are different.)

    Good choice of changing the laces. I admit I prefer the checkered laces, the animal print ones have a darker white which kinda ruin their match, although if they were brighter they would fit perfectly!

    – Gamer, Freedom. Hmm… What do they mean to you, if you don’t mind my asking so? 🙂 If I was to write Freedom on my shoes, I would probably put it down to having the Freedom to go wherever I go in these shoes! Be it literally, or metaphorically speaking! After all, in the words of Forrest Gump: “You can tell a lot about someone by their shoes.” 😀

    Tbh also, that Neverwinter looks so perfectly painted it looks printed onto the shoes already :-O Very nice paint work there! 🙂 Those shoes were perfect for being customized too, that seamless white material.

    Nice to see a post update, been missing reading on the new ones for a while! Hope to see more soon! Even if its just an update on what you are playing at the moment. 🙂


    • Nope, I haven’t actually. But yeah, it would look nice and kinda somewhat obsessed maybe… heh.
      And the stitching aren’t that unusual imo, I’ve seen it a lot really. Tho the shoelace holes are actually separated by some kind of metal around the holes.

      Yeah, but still more fun to have something different than two of the same heh.

      Gamer means what it says, that I am a gamer and a proud one at that. Freedom on the other hand is freedom in life in general, freedom in sharing what I want, and not being forced and imprisoned.

      Yeah, that is why I got those white ones and I took care in painting that eye.


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