A new Unreal Tournament

So, I just read an article about a new Unreal Tournament and felt that I had to check it out. There will be a new UT coming out and it’s going to be free, not free-to-play, it’s free as in free beer. I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out and I’ll play it as soon as it drops.

I’ll share the link with you all to check out for yourselves.
Unreal Tournament

2 responses to “A new Unreal Tournament

  1. Another game bringing back memories, but I wonder how it will do, will it mostly be nostalgic players going back or will it find a niche by itself?

    I think I saw a discussion about arena type FPS and the progression type FPS (CoD, Battlefield etc) that it might be that people today expect to have more progression in their game, something to show off that they have spend all that time on something.

    Do you think that is the case? Do you think it might risk making this new Unreal Tournament a failure? Or will the nostalgia bring enough traction to it?


  2. Wooo! New UT 🙂 More Dominated and First Blood! Hehe. Thanks for sharing this news! I myself still have yet to kick a friends arse on this 😉 Maybe this new one we can settle the score! Unless they prefer the older one.

    Free to play also sounds very good! Knowing how popular the old one is, with people still playing it quite a bit, this will go well! (Plus the new Unreal 4 Engine looks beautiful!)

    Hope it lives up to what people expect! Looking forward to hearing more news, I myself at the moment am playing Dream (really interesting, pretty indoe game about dreams/nightmares), SWTOR and hopefully soon either a full run-through of Witcher 1 and 2, or God Of War Series 🙂


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