Star Wars: The Old Republic

So, I might be really late with this game but I just recently started playing it after I fell off from Guild Wars 2 completely and I must say that I have missed such an epic MMO experience. The stories, the graphics and the fact that every character that I’ve tried has different voices is just awesome.

Again, stories on this level in a MMO is just mindblowing. That is what you get when BioWare is involved. Another thing that is really nice in this game is the fact that you can actually roleplay while playing the game story, turning either light or dark side or in between depending on how you play.

I played this some time before I decided to pay and upgrade to the Preferred status as Free is a bit bothersome and limited. I bought myself a Twi’lek and love her to bits already. Feel free to add her (or the others on either side) and write to me, the names you can see in the picture. The more the merrier. I will try some RP in this game as well so feel free to join me.

(The picture is a bit dated as she is higher level now.)

5 responses to “Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. We.. played on the same server, and you had a sith at that, too.. ever noticed someone named hawkryn/azary or tharyn? 😀 that was me.. /Ary

    wintershades, on deviantart, y’know.. me? ^^


  2. Star Wars, this universe that George Lucas started, that so many of us loves and hates, What will Disney do with it one can wonder. Will Revan and the rest live on? Will KOTOR still have left a mark in the universe that is Star Wars?

    This game had me intrigued for a very long time before it’s release, as I am a huge fan of Star Wars (games, films, books, comics…)
    But I still waited almost a whole month before getting it (22 days to be exact apparently.) And so was the Zabrak Jedi Shadow born.

    Unfortunate the game had it’s problems, problems that became more apparent as the months moved along, bad decisions by Bioware on their server mergers for an example.

    The game still lures me in, I still play it from time to time, can even put hours at end into it at times.

    As I never experienced the pure “Free”, as a former sub I went to preferred directly, would you say the game is playable even if you say it’s a bit limited and bothersome? Would you say EA and Bioware are able to get new players to the game with this model?

    Had you continued playing it if the stories hadn’t been as good as they are?
    Had the universe been enough for you? The settings the worlds?

    Would you want to see another Star Wars MMO? One that was more of a sandbox version? Would you think it risked being to cumbersome and hard to get done with all the different worlds to visit even if you limited them to just a few?

    But then again, isn’t that what most of us are after? a truly free experience in the universe that brought us the Skywalker family?


  3. I remember aggess back when I first heard about this MMO 🙂 Back then I didn’t know much about Bioware, only had heard rumours of the amazing Mass Effect. Though after playing that Series, and trying the beta out for this, I could clearly see their following is well deserved! Though I had played MMO’s back then, none felt as easy to get into as this. Also the Community, while maybe a little small at first, was always helpful and charismatic! This was a whole Universe to explode in on your own surfboard of story choices! (I always loved having multiple choices in games. Maybe that is why I adore the Telltale games which I do suggest if you haven’t played them. Namely: The Wolf Among Us).

    My first character was a Jedi Consular. I admit, I was a rather evil little bugger! My poor Companion didn’t think too highly of me at first, but we became friends!… In an evil sense of the word 😛 . Sadly though, I was playing another MMO at the time that took primary spot on my list, so I didn’t get to play this much. I took a break from it also, as lack of money halted me from paying for two subscriptions, and, as you mention, the F2P was rather lacking (The Preferred Status is a much nicer option, but still there is barrier. Especially after level 20 when you receive less XP then paying players.)

    The thing that stood out for me the most with this MMO (Apart from it being Bioware, and Star Wars! Woooo!) was the fact it had so much story steeped into it. I had seen MMO’s do story before, but never on this level. Even alone I think they had over 500 voice actors (You’ll have to clarify on that one, it was a long time ago I heard it) for so many different characters/NPCs/droids/creatures. The Cinematics, the choices, the ongoing story: Truly Bioware had barged their way into the MMO scene with an impressive title that, I believe, made Star Wars even more of a household name for younger players.

    When playing, what was the very first thing that made you sit back and think “Wow, why don’t other MMO’s have this?!”? 🙂 And do you look at the Cinematics and think, like I do: “Bioware should make a damn movie!”? Haha. 😛

    Also would you hope for more Races? I for one would love to see some additional Race’s, maybe some more special storylines, when Bioware get the time of course.

    Overall, an amazing MMO. The f2p option, while limited, I believe did this game a world of good. I think people were worried what with the over saturation of Star War’s games that an MMO might go sour. Though Bioware managed to pull it through and give us a hybrid of their amazing storytelling and the epic lore of the Star Wars Universe (Which, might I add, Bioware -loves- to show you in this game!).


    • The first thing I thought about this game was, “Whoooa, I can actually make a difference with what I say!” And that should be in every game, imo. But then again, I do love RPGs so that isn’t strange for me to want. I agree that they should make movies, when I see the cinematics that they do, they’re really awesome.
      But then again, BioWare is bought by EA (I am amazed that they did this though) and that is never good so we’ll see what happens in the future.


      • Hehe, yeah! I myself just recently killed a Sith Lord! ( >: D Lightning to the face is a good motivator!…Er, motivate to die anyway >.>) And yes same for me, I thoroughly enjoy the suspense and excitement that comes from the choices in games like these. 🙂 And mhm! Those cinematic’s are immense! My favourite has got to be the ‘Return’ Cinematic. Awesome music, visuals, and battles showing various classes! (Also the Bounty Hunter in the others look so damn awesome!)

        Yeah. :-/ EA have been a right bother to be honest, especially with that horrible Origin system. When I bought ME3, on disc, I put it in then it told me to download Origin. I thought “Alright, maybe it’s just for the online features.”. So, I downloaded it, had to make an account, signed in then it started -downloading- ME3 :S And it just wouldnt accept the disc version! Google’d it, and turns out nearly every copy of ME3 did it! What a scam! Buy the disc, then it forces you to download the game through Origin even though you have the disc right there!

        Needless to say… I was ******** hehe. 😛 My connection is horrible also so it took ages. :-/ Put me off most EA games now.


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