DIY: New phone needed some love

So the other day, I bought myself a new phone. Upgraded from my dear HTC Desire S to a nice Samsung Galaxy SII. After some time of flashing it and putting CyanogenMod 10 into it, I instantly I felt that the white cover needed some coloring to look better as well. I looked everywhere for new covers but to no avail.

After a few frowns and some cursing, I got the brilliant idea to paint it instead, like I did with my recent sunglasses. A while later, when the paint was dry and I tried to hold it in my hand, I realized that the acrylic color that I had used is not so good for a phone that is always in a hand or lying against things so I thought of covering it with some nail polish. The acrylic color was one of few things I had at home at the time, and only time will tell if putting nail polish on top of it was a good idea or not.

Sometimes I thank myself for being a girl, yes stereotypical I know, but I somehow had some nail polish in my home even though I don’t use it myself and the result you can see down here.

Here is pictures of the phone, and one on my new phone bag, a cute panda that I attached to a shoelace to wear when I need more pockets.


9 thoughts on “DIY: New phone needed some love

  1. This looked really nice, liked the little phone bag as well, how have those two been holding out? Has the colour faded anything?

    Is this something you would like to do more often? Perhaps there are shells that you could pain like this and let you switch them out depending on your mood as well?

    Hope to see more of these fun projects


    1. Thanks and no, the color hasn’t faded as there is a layer of nail polish over it.

      Yeah, it would be fun but the shells are so expensive and really few, sadly, to the Galaxy SII. This I painted straight onto the back of the phone.


  2. Yaay! More artwork 🙂 And awesome, the white S2! I have the white S4 at the moment, but did have the black S2. A great phone, though it feels small now, even though when I first got it, it felt huge! Classic technology, starts big, gets tiny, then gets bigger again! Hehe

    Another Neverwinter piece, this will match well with your Hoodie and Trainers 🙂 Nice thinking with the nail polish. Also I think I remember the S2 having a bumpy back surface for added grip? Hope that didn’t make the paint dribble about too much. I like how you didn’t paint the entire back cover also. You left the white outlining and the bottom area. Goes nicely!

    Does it feel odd in your hand though? A bit more slippery with the paint/varnish on it? I know people felt it wasn’t grippy enough before.

    And n’aww what a cute Panda case! Definitely more snug then a plastic/rubber one. Just make sure ya keep it away from water/rain! Will soak it up quickly. Nice thinking with the Panda pouch and shoelace though. Good use of everyday materials, for some people, when making this creative piece. Always nice to add a personal touch to your items. Sadly most people nowadays use those horrible stickers that flake off on top, or some girls seem to smother their phones in shiny glass/crystals which frankly would blind me in the sun, haha!

    Glad to see a new post! Has been sometime 🙂 Hope your games are coming along nicely too and that you enjoy your new phone! Game on!


    1. It is a bit big as its almost twice the size from my Desire.
      No, the back is not that slippery and was easily painted, but it doesn’t smell to good still. However I feel that the phone is still a bit to light and thin, maybe because my old phone is sturdier with its aluminum shell and “heavy” build.


      1. Yeah, HTC’s are quite cosy phones to hold. Nice rounded smooth edges, though I could never get along with them. And smells of the varnish I imagine? That’ll fade, hopefully it doesn’t cling to the Panda pouch though.

        Yeah the back cover itself is just really, really thin plastic. But the phone itself is fairly sturdy. It can survive a few knocks/drops, and I’ve seen a few demonstrations where it’s lasted longer then an iPhone.


          1. The smell will fade I’m sure. Oh also! Check to make sure the plastic isn’t so thin the Varnish/paint actually seeps through! That thing is flimsy as hell… And ahh, that is good. Still a very cute pouch, keep ya nice new S2 snug and warm. 🙂


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