DIY: Textile painting on clothes

So, I just did some textile painting on a hoodie that I had lying around, that I felt needed something. I took out my white textile color, a brush and wrote the word “G4M3R” on the black fabric and the outcome was not that terrible and wanted to share it.


One thought on “DIY: Textile painting on clothes

  1. Yay more clothes art! 🙂 Glad to see you are still doing this! (Also, hehe, last two letters re-arranged = R3 :D). Be nice to see you add some more clothes with your own personal touch, or even expand upon this one! I especially like the M in the middle… Kinda reminds me of a Gate from a game. 😮 The G4m3r Gate! 🙂

    Sadly I don’t have an artistic touch so I can’t really do this to my clothes heh, and if I messed up I’d be like “Nooo!” 😛 Gone forever! Or try to fix with some artistic improvisation!…And mess it up more.

    Any plans to add more to this hoodie? Or will you try and paint some different clothes?

    Maybe add some vibrant colours too with some darker clothes like this? 🙂

    I do enjoy this Blog! Not just about Games, you post a lot of interesting stuff. Keep going and no time flat you’ll have quite a few more Followers to your even gradually growing list. 🙂 Game on!


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