Game Dev Tycoon

Some spoilers.
So, the first thought that hit my head was “Oh, a tycoon game!” but how wrong I was.
This game feels just like a mobile game, in my opinion. It does not really contain anything, the graphics are really simple, the content is just kinda enough to make it feel like a demo of something that could have been so much more. I managed to develop one game that had an average score of 9 something and it was fun and all but… Then what? What is the more to do?

The game takes you through the 80s and onwards, with all the events that happened in real life and you can be part of it. You develop games, hire employees and makes a name for yourself. I upgraded my office twice during my years and thanks to mods I could even develop some things that wasn’t in the original. Sadly two of the mods conflicted and that’s where my save game got corrupted and I stopped playing. I wasn’t really sad about that.

The mods I added from the official forum were:
Camelot Expansion Pack
–Β Expansion Pack Mod
Cheat Mod
More mods here


3 thoughts on “Game Dev Tycoon

  1. Pre-ordered this game in the hopes it would be quite a big Tycoon game where realism might be key! However what I found felt like it was just a parody of real life gaming industry. All the similarly named consoles/mobiles which just felt like they hadn’t put any creative effort into designing a unique experience.

    For one playthrough I did enjoy this game, however it was a hollow enjoyment. It wasn’t a game that would leave a long memory in my play time but it was a short experience that I was happy I tried.

    What was your opinion on the way they made the game parody the real world industry? Too predictable or?

    I have actually heard of another game industry tycoon game coming out but I cant for the life of me remember the name of it, however I think it is going to have a lot of differences. And I didnt know there was actually so many mods for this game, might have to take a look myself.

    Another good review, but I understand why it is short. If you intend to go back to the game though a warning now if you didn’t finish it, the ending really isn’t worth it. I’d suggest leaving it where it is and waiting for the other game dev game to come out. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the next review!


    1. I can understand that they couldn’t use the real names for the stuff in the game, but as you say, it wasn’t really creative. They could have made so much more with this game instead of just “riding the wave” of the past.
      Yeah, it was kinda too predictable.


      1. Yeah, that I understand, although the creativity could still have been there. They could have brought a different world in? Maybe VR played a much larger role in the future of gaming, or discs were never invented for games and they all stayed on cartridges.

        Would have been cool if the game lasted long enough too that you became such a large Company that you were able to shape the future of the Gaming Industry yourself. Create your own Game Systems, external/side companies, etc etc.

        Maybe in the other Game Tycoon game it hopefully is different! I will keep an eye on it, when I find it again. πŸ™‚


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