So, I just tried this game and had rather high hopes for maybe a Age of Empires just without the battles and more to do. But maybe I just started it with too high hopes. The game isn’t really all that at all. The graphics are kinda cute I suppose, but there aren’t any story, no real development for your town. Just the ever troublesome battle against death. Often and most likely by starvation among many other things like sickness, catastrophes and the likes.

Games like this are often hard and strategic, but this is just ridiculous. Death can claim you no matter what, or how hard you try in the strangest ways. Like my lazy villagers, couldn’t find the food they placed all around town, seeing that the storage places were full but not with food and it resulted it a mass starvation catastrophe.

I don’t have much else to say about this game, it is a builders game. It has the simple story, you just need to survive. Easiest way to start out is to build a gatherers hut and a hunting cabin alongside a field of crops and hope for the food that is needed badly throughout and then go from there.

In the end, I cheated. Yes, sadly, these kinds of games do not keep my attention for long before I want to try it all only to quit halfway through. Even the cheating didn’t make it that much easier nor more fun. Storage spaces filled up to fast and those nagging messages are just silly. I managed to get to around year 44 but I had built all houses, collected all that could be collected I suppose and then what?

What is this game trying to do? Is there any point to it all besides to just to build a town and get the achievement on a certain number of villagers?

Nah, this wasn’t a game for me and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone really.


5 thoughts on “Banished

  1. Bought this game after the fun I had with games like Sid Meier’s Civ and Age of Empire! Was hoping for another Indie game with innovative features! Was having a lot of luck with Indie games lately to be honest.

    However, I came across pretty much the same problem you had. Starvation. I swear the villagers are such greedy little AI’s! Id spend the whole crop season collecting food just for all my farmers to die in the winter of starvation and the rest soon follow. After four or five new games, I finally had a small living town!… With about 7 full size corn fields and a hunting lodge. The rate these guys go through food is ridiculous! Also I’d like to point out the fishing house is definetly probably the most trusty source of food. The fields get totally useless in winter and the hunting lodge can become obsolete once civilisation or resource wiping gets too close and scares the wildlife away.

    Other then that, a visually pretty game. I like how the houses appear different each time, and collecting resources is pretty simple. Although some of its features seem useless, like the Trading Post. Also sometimes even with multiple stock piles, villagers would fill up the original one then just start dumping stuff everywhere

    If you had the chance to edit this game, what kind of features would you change/implement? Would you add a story or some preset games with multiple AI controlled villages to add more interaction?

    Also these cheats, you know the sign of a hard game when even the cheats cant help you much! Haha πŸ˜€

    An alright game, but far, far too hard for any new players to strategy games. I’d much faster suggest Sid Meier’s Civ or Age of Empire, and nice to see another review from you again! Looking forward to more! πŸ™‚


    1. I’d implement a lot of things like, thick story, more houses, more things to do, festivals for the people maybe and things like that. More fun things and less death…


      1. Yeah…More ways to live with would be a pleasure for this game. (Oh, and tone down the greedy AI damnit! They go through Corn faster then America goes through Burgers!)

        But yes. I would like to see more advancing times also. Instead of stuck in the same time period, maybe the technology advances over time like Civ. Though of course this will take a lot of time to create and then implement, it would promise a good future for Banished (Pun not intended). Also a multiplayer option wouldn’t go unwanted! … Though I could see that ending in a quick death as everyone just starves, hehe xD


  2. Reading your review confirms what the other review of this game that I saw stated.

    That this game is a mean evil game, it is for those that want to play around with resources and as you question, what does it provide in the end once you’ve built a village.

    Games like these can be really fun, for me that is, I like strategy games and I will be trying this game out at least to have experienced it.

    How long had you gotten before it tried your patience too much and you decided to cheat? I’ve been known to do the same in some games just to experience parts of it especially if they have been driving me insane.

    I wonder if it is possible to expand on this game idea, to include something that would appeal to a broader audience, right now I do believe it might be a bit narrow. Do you think if it was easier it would be more fun? Or would it still not be enough? I mean you do state you had built all, collected all and wasn’t sure where you could go after that.

    You stated you were looking for a bit of Age of Empires, unfortunate this game is more closer to Anno 1404 and Anno 2070, the difference being that those two are more empire structure and probably could appeal to you more,
    think it is possible to only allow trading and no fighting in it.

    I might be asking for the cheats if I get to this game and notice I cannot get past a certain point. πŸ˜€

    Cheers for another good written review. πŸ™‚


    1. I played this a few hours before finally giving in to cheating. But it’s more like a trainer.

      Sadly, I’d say for me, it would be a bit more fun if it were easier though it is still rather empty so it wouldn’t bump up the game that much at all.


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