Gone Home

So, I’ll just say “Oh shit!” about this game, such a mindfuck.

This is a game that lets the player walk around in a house that seems haunted, that there must be some problem there that needs to be solved, that needs to be fixed in order not to die, or well at least I thought so as I took a deep breath each time I rounded a corner and ran to the first lightswitch not to pee my pants in case I would notice something standing in a corner, just staring or pointing at me from across the hall.
Yes, to me this was a horror game beyond creepy. (I do not play horror games besides Silent Hill 2, so maybe I’m overly scared even though I always and more than often just watch horror movies.)

The sounds, the weather and the overall emptiness of the house made me wonder how I would die, how I would scream out loud and how I would run away from the computer screaming and never to be able to sleep again. But nothing ever happened, well things happened but not as I thought they would.

You get to hear the story of a young girl as you go along and explore certain things. Samantha is talking to the character that you play, who is her sister Katie through notes or somesort. How she explores the house just before you do and finds some things that would atleast scare me out to oblivion, I swear it. She talks about hidden passages and that the house is haunted.

Look up more about it here:
– Gone Home

Serious spoiler!
What this game truly is, is a love story. A story about love between two people, so sweet and innocent. A love story between two girls. Two girls that at the same time seems to help the ghost of a man leave the house for good when they search the house.


6 thoughts on “Gone Home

  1. Gone Home! Loved this game 🙂 Excellent narration coupled with beautiful visuals and an unsettling ambience.

    I agree, all throughout the game there is a feeling of fear and there are parts that make you think “Oh God, something supernatural is definitely going on here…” but no. Instead you get a compelling forbidden love story that really does grip you till the end. First hearing the narrations, you think something is wrong! And indeed there is, but as you mention, not in the way you think.

    There are a few parts missing from this game that wern’t fully explained (Or I missed it while searching. For example: All the video players are gone although not shown anywhere) but one of the things I really liked was the extreme attention to detail. Nearly every model/texture in the game was crystal clear visually, even down to the tiny writing on some of the items you pick up and could zoom into! I would find myself reading most of the things I picked up, and especially when in her sisters room and you find the game cartridges!

    Do you think the Developer intended for the game to be a Love story all along? Or do you think somewhere along the line he was making a horror game but felt that a change of story would make a much bigger mark among an already overly saturated market of recent horror Indie games?

    A great review! Another game I can say that I tried personally, and very much enjoyed. Look forward to the next one!


      1. Is difficult to say, but I also enjoyed how… All the notes wern’t just placed around easily to find. You’d find crumpled ones, or ripped/partial ones (Little spoiler: Like the one in the garage bin), and their model would be very defined so you can clearly make out their intention.

        Each letter had a personal look to them too with little diagrams and changing handwriting. Very nice to read them and listen to the Narrator!


  2. This game seems to have a nice touch, scaring someone without being a horror game.
    I liked how you portrayed your own fear in your post, how you described it and how you explained that you usually don’t play horror games (me neither I have to admit) and it gets me to think about the quote “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!” by Franklin D Roosevelt. Feels like it is true for you in this case. 🙂

    I wonder if that might be the idea behind the game? To have the player worked up expecting something but being given something different.

    How long was the game? Did you have the feeling of fear throughout the whole length of the game or did you catch on before the end?


      1. I guess they was successful in that case, having you on your toes for hours seems to mean they did well with the feelings in the game as well.


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