Choice of the Vampire

This is a text game, for your phone and pad, that is really entertaining and worth to read. It’s like a book, but you are the one making the choices and choosing where the story should lead you. The game holds love, fame, infamy, wealth and so on.

The text is well written and interesting and keeps me wondering what will happen next and what choices I get to push it forward. Depending on the character you pick, your choices differ, and you can’t answer the same thing depending how you have lived your life each time you replay it.

The first part of this game is free but the second part, if you wish to continue this story, will cost. I think this is a truly unique game in the mist of all those angry birds and other less interesting games. And it’s perfect for the vampire lover out there.

Find it on Google Play here:
Choice of the Vampire

The homepage here:
Choice of Games


5 thoughts on “Choice of the Vampire

  1. Being one that for years played and developed/administrated a MUD (text based adventure game for all you younglings reading this that don’t know what a MUD is) this was interesting to see, text games aren’t too common anymore, even if you have played and posted about another one (a good game if it still was really hard to play through)

    I think interactions in a story is something that is growing stronger, think people would like to have a part of the outcome of a story instead of just reading a book, comic book or watching a film.
    As a side note I can say that I’ve seen an interview from E3 or Comic-Con about a new interactive comic-book medium a company was presenting.

    Wonder if this type of game would fall into that kind of category.

    I looked to see if I could find this game for iPhone as well and it seems it is not free for all us poor users of an iPhone, guess the license for developing for iOS makes them charge a little fee.

    Would you say that it is a game that even one that is not a huge vampire lover would enjoy to play through?


  2. This reminds me of the old Gamebooks I used to buy/play! They’ve have an inventory page at the start, and you could choose how your character started and such, then there was so many choices/storylines to take. I miss them… They were simple fun that you could do all the time and had, surprisingly, a lot of replay value because of the amount of varying choices! The name of them escapes me though…

    Is this the only type of text/book based game you’ve tried? Or have you tried something similar to what I mentioned?

    Looks like a fun little App to play with! I should search for the old books I used to play, they might have added them as E-Books or the like. I will give this a look! Thanks for the reviews and game ideas, can’t wait for more!


    1. It is one of few games that I have played that are like this, plain text with so much options.

      I’ve tried other text “games” like Depression Quest that I’ve posted about as well but it’s not really the same at all.


      1. Yeah I remember that ‘Depression Quest’. Hard hitting game… Wouldn’t like to play another like that, to be honest.

        Mhm. The books I used to play were very fun though, though sometimes if you wanted to… Say, buy a second hand one, someone would have wrote in it in pen and can’t rub it out to change your inventory and such so that ruined it a bit for second hand users.


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