Dear Esther


So, this game was absolutely beautifully breathtaking in its sceneries. The graphics are outstanding and the whole feel of it is actually rather eerie. This is a piece of interactive storytelling, or at least I thought anyhow.

It gave me the feel of letters that had been written, and later read by the person playing. That the reader got to relive the last final moments of the writer, this man that went through so much and finally be set free at the end.

The name of the game however eludes me as I couldn’t get a true grip of whom Esther was nor any of the others, something about her being in a car crash. But was it all real or was it just a delirious man writing in his last dying breaths?

You go through the game, almost floating and get to explore caves, open fields and abandoned houses while the beautiful music is playing in the background. This is a remake of an mod that was originally released in the Source engine in 2008.

I don’t really know what to say more to this question filled game besides that you should play it, it’s worth it. 

You can read up more about Dear Esther here:
Dear Esther

3 responses to “Dear Esther

  1. Never heard of this game before, but the posted screenshots looks really nice, read parts of the link you provided and found a few things I would want to ask you about.

    The site states it’s a “ghost story” and you mention the whole feel about it is rather eerie, where would you put it? A horror game that tries to psychologically scare you instead of the jumping scares? Or just a game that through its story and settings get an eerie feeling?

    They also mention a soundtrack and you mention it is beautiful, did the music add anything to previous mention feelings?


    • I wouldn’t say that it’s a horror game, but yeah, it has an eerie feel to the point to that I started thinking that something could happen, anytime.
      Just the story and environment is so well put together.

      Yes, the music did much when exploring the game.


  2. Ahh, Dear Esther. I bought this after taking a quick look at the original Sourcemod :). Rather intuitive game with a completely different way to play compared to other games I was trying at the time! Definitely was a weird feeling to play after all the other high-pace, action games I was trying at the time.

    Sadly though I have yet to complete it. I started playing late at night and was very sleepy so I closed it after half an hour or so. I should pick this up again soon and finish it off! (I do however remember very beautiful scenery and a wonderful place that, to be honest, would be a nice place to retire too when very old.)

    Very well taken screenies! Always make a review look much prettier. That cave is so puurttyyy.


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