To the Moon

So, I just finished playing To the Moon and I honestly have to say that my eyes weren’t exactly dry. The story of this game and all the feelings that surfaces throughout are just perfect. All the little pieces tying the whole story together, the little details that made so much sense at the end is just breathtaking.

This game is more of a little story that you get to follow besides a few minor options throughout the game and the fact that it goes from the end and backwards makes it truly unique.
The graphics of the game is really nice and then there is the music, oh the magnificent music. A really nice soundtrack, I must say.

The game has its quirky moments as well as really serious ones, but overall it is a good balance. The two agents that you play as as some funny things to say, and some comments made are things that many people might be able to recognize.

Story wise you get to experience an sort of alternate future when changing and editing ones memories is actually a possibility and that’s exactly what the agents in this game does, the memories of a dying man. You get to follow them, as they make their way through his life and what they ultimately have to do in the end to achieve his final wish.

They are also playing a lot on the question “What if…?” or at least I thought so. What would happen if the person just takes another path that time or that he won’t meet that girl and so on? And how such small steps can change the whole tale of a persons life.

The depressing thing about the game however, in my opinion, is the fact that in the end, nothing was truly real. I know that the game revolves around it but it is still really depressing. It was never real nor were they his own memories. They were fixed in a copy looking like his life and only the feelings and the thought of him doing it all was the only thing that the old man could really cherish in the end. Even though he knew that they were there to fix it all.

You can listen to the soundtrack and download it on this page:

Here’s a link to the game’s site.
To the Moon

“It’s like those lights in the sky… They all look the same from here, but that doesn’t make them any less pretty.” – River

6 responses to “To the Moon

  1. To the moon and back, no we’re not talking about the song from Savage Garden here, even if the games title do reminded me of that song.

    How often haven’t we humans over the years looked up at the moon and let our mind wander, planning, thinking, hoping, dreaming, our closest companion in the vast universe waking so much emotions in us…

    I do believe that many of us have a (sometimes hidden) dream of walking the surface of the moon at one point in our life.

    So back to the game itself after this strange little excursion down the philosophical lane.
    I played through this game in a few hours, pushed through it actually, just so I could have played it before reading your post, your recommendation was good and on the spot.

    The game reminded me so much of the old types of game with its top-down perspective and dialogs being pushed forward by space or a mouse-click. You’ve made me walk down memory-lane a lot lately with your posts. πŸ™‚

    I can mostly only agree with what you have written, the soundtrack, even if slightly repetitive at times were a great addition to the game, made it so much more emotional. The “What if” is so clearly there as you point out and yes even the part about the ending not being truly real, the ending almost made me angry at one point actually.

    The game kept me intrigued and wanting to figure out things as I played along and at one point you were to decide which one to play as, which one did you pick and would it make any difference to the story?

    I want to end this comment with asking if you will play the sequel as well?


    • I’m glad that you enjoy reading my posts πŸ™‚

      I picked the female when I got to choose, but I do not know if picking the male would have made the game any different. Then again, the characters are so different from each other.

      I will probably play the sequel as well, as this was a really unique game for me.


      • I picked the female as well so I cannot really add an input if it would made the game any different, perhaps playing through it again might give a bit different view of it.

        It surely was, I will look forward to it’s release myself


  2. Wooo! Finished this game too! Truly a work of art in my opinion. Not only in the game and story itself, but also the Soundtrack! (I bought it on Steam and am playing it right now as I type this!)

    I second the ‘eyes wernt dry’ part. Was so emotional I couldn’t help it! And yes, the way it tied everything together and the realisation from the duo Scientists is just amazing! It was synergy in motion! I loved the two characters you play, both having quite a differing personality! Who was your favourite? If you can like one over the other!

    The story itself was what set it apart. The last moments of a dying man, the chance to rewrite his entire life, but getting caught along in it yourself on the way just makes you feel that much more entwined to the game! Beautiful. (Also the humour from the Scientists always made me have a little giggle).

    I’ve played a few games in this style, but they were mostly horror. It was great to see such a story driven, emotional game in this style. I want to see more! And hope that the Developers releases similar games soon, as I’d love to see more of his work! (The Soundtrack for To The Moon -will- be played a lot on my computer! Hehe)

    Overall, another brilliant review! And I can say that I loved this game to bits! I would replay it… But I’m not sure if I’d get the same emotional impact now I know what happens. However, it’s a game I will come back too one day, maybe to show some friends or family and they can see why games can be considered Art too! πŸ™‚


    • I liked the female agent more though the male had some fun lines to say.

      And there are way more games in this graphic style that are RPGs and more, just look around.


      • Yeah the male had most of the humour! Though I liked the females witty side πŸ™‚ And how they get into arguments quite a lot…

        Also find out more serious stuff with the male :O Though no spoilers :3 And yeah I’ve played a few, just finding good ones I can download fairly quickly.


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