Dragon Age: Origins


So, another game that  I wanted to review here is Dragon Age. Haven’t played it in a little while, but I still love it. It is one of my most favorite games and have played it a few times both with mods and without them.
They say that this would be a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate. I wouldn’t say that myself as Baldur’s Gate is way different and way better in many ways but I suppose that it comes a bit closer than many other game out there in the RPG world that doesn’t use D&D or such.

This game lets you choose between six different “origins” (stories that will start off your adventure as the chosen character) that tells different stories. Are you an Elf? Dwarf? Human? Female? Male? Noble? Outcast? Mage? Warrior? Rouge? The choice is yours alone to take what you want to play. You can fix the appearance of your character from hair to mouth to neck to colors, and stats of the character and then off you go to explore the large and beautiful world of Ferelden.

The story in this game is really interesting and the characters that you can join up with along the way just makes it so much more fun, you can talk to them, give them gifts and start a friendship/romance if you want, depending on if you are a female or male in some cases. Even those characters that are met along the way to help you in your quests are nicely done, interesting and creative. Like the sexy Desire Demon or the awesome Lady of the Forest.

The game is a really well made one with beautiful sceneries, fun plot and really nice voice acting. I had lots of fun playing it as I really enjoy romances, good story and the level of customization that the game gives you that many other games doesn’t have. The graphics in the game is really nice, realistic and smooth, with really good battle and fighting style and the use of blank space to pause the game for the use of spells and tactics is a thing I love. The amount of blood that is in the game is really neat as well, and some combat finishers are really awesome. The game can be played third-person and over-the-shoulder, and on PC can be zoomed in and out with scrolling.

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, the expansion is a really nice addition and make the game longer, adds more things to do and handed my ass to me, in the final boss fight but I finally kicked her ass at the end anyhow.

And a little mention here about Dragon Age 2, not that it’s really worth it but in my opinion it ruined most of the game franchise.
But I’m still sitting here, waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition, hoping that the failure that’s Dragon Age 2 teached BioWare and EA a lesson and that they come back with a more awesome game like Origins.

Overall this is an epic game and well worth playing.

“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” – Morrigan

14 responses to “Dragon Age: Origins

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  3. Dragon Age, this wonderfully created game that I to my shame haven’t finished yet.

    When I played it I tried out most of the origin stories for a few levels then switched, only one of them got further beyond the main starting story. But I cannot remember which one of them at this moment.

    Did you try out the different origins? If so which one did you enjoy the most and stuck furthest with?

    Did you enjoy the befriending system that was used in the game?

    After reading through your post I can’t do much else than agree with your assessment of it, the game has a good story, good graphics and a nice fighting style, I wonder why I never finished it even when praising it as I am. 😛

    I’ve basically heard the same from others when it comes to Dragon Age 2, but I still wonder if it’s not worth playing through to get the background story for the new one?

    Do you think BioWare will have learned their lesson? The problem with game development is that the publisher most of the time will push to rush things out, EA being notorious to do so at times. What is your opinion on this?

    Personally I wonder, they had a bit of problems with their release of Mass Effect 3, pressure to release titles might be getting to them.

    To end up with another question about DA2, will you write a review of that one as well? A more in depth showing what you didn’t like about it perhaps? Or if it has any redeeming traits.


    • I tried all the different origins and the one I stuck with the most is the ‘elven alienage’ one, such a cute/sad intro.

      I did enjoy the befriending system though it was, in my opinion, rather cheaty as it was to easy to get some people to like you by giving them lots of gifts. But the game limits the gifts so you can not buy that many and it can take a while to get them as well.

      I do not think that it’s worth it as it really doesn’t have any story nor the same characters as the first. Don’t think the third will really draw any of them into the story either.

      And they will probably not have learned their lesson, but it’s just to wait and see and hope for the best.
      I hate it, as the games do get cut short, content missing or reused and such.

      Hm, I do not think so. I feel that it isn’t really worth it.


      • Yes I think I preferred the elven and dwarfen once the most myself

        Gifts giving instead of only options while talking might make a system easier to cheat as you say, instead of your actions and words you can buy your way to them using that gift. 😉
        Wonder if it is to make things easier for people wanting to speed through the dialog?

        I see, guess I wont put time into playing the second one just wait for the third one instead.

        Yes I agree with those assessments, though development usually is about earning money, yeah I know a happy client is a paying client, but there are many other factors that comes into development as well unfortunate.


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  5. Another fun Bioware game I need to try! Though I’ve always wanted to see a first person style of this game, but only problem with that is not seeing the awesome character you create!

    The range of choices you get just from the start sound great! Though its Bioware, so should expect this level of story and customization in their RPG games (Similar to Mass Effect having quite a few to choose from to be honest). Think I would choose a female to play, per usual though, but maybe something different from human for sure to spice it up!

    Watched a lot of trailers for this too, and I really should buy this though with my current game list to complete it might take me a while to put a start on this. Especially since its an RPG and I’d prefer to put my entire attention into it instead of splitting between games.

    Judging from the pictures, (and some gameplay video’s I’ve seen) this is a very nice looking game! Bioware once again strikes well with the level of choice and story, with good voice acting and well made scenes! Did you ever get to a part and just think “Wow I really dunno what choice to pick!…”?

    Yeah I heard about Dragon Age 2 being a bit of a disappointment story wise. Combat apparently was better, but need more then just better combat to make an RPG game. Think I’d go for the ‘Over-the-shoulder’ camera view also, just to get in close to the action when fighting! But further out when exploring to get the beautiful scenery!

    Look forward to the next review! Should definitely do one for every game you’ve played, even if not recent! Have fun!


    • No, I don’t really have a hard time picking choices as I, when I start the game up, often choose what to play at the beginning. Like all good, or good but “greedy” or just plain evil and then plays according to that.

      The only thing I would have a problem with is who to romance in most games, if the choices present themselves.

      And I must say that combat in Dragon Age 2, in my opinion, was the worst. The whole game was a complete disaster.


      • Ah okay, and I would go for either the Saint Good approach! Or Good, but with a witty streak!

        Too many Romances to choose from? Or just difficult to decide the best for your character and the story?

        Oh? Sounds like it was all bad then. To be honest though, sequels to some games can be quite disastrous. But at least I can still get Dragon Age without having to use Origin. That thing is horrible…


          • Yeah. No needless Romance should be in a game, I prefer playing through a Romance slowly then getting some results near the end. 🙂

            And right okay, I’ll keep an eye out!


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