Razor Kraken

So, I just bought myself a new pair of pretty headphones as my old ones (iFrogz EarPollution Mogul Stealth, which are so comfy and nice!) is starting to get really bad. This time it I got the really nice pair of Razor Kraken (not pro). I use mine mostly when I’m out and listening to music on my phone, and they sit perfectly on my head as well even though the cups has a slight feel of suction to them if you push them against your head.

There is a really nice sort of cushioning in the band across the head and the cups are movable, fitting the head perfectly as you move them and when they sit over your ears.

The sound in them are really nice though the bass is taking over a bit too much in most songs, but using an equalizer solves it nicely. I myself is listening to metal, electronic and such music so to me the bass is a bit bothering at times.

All in all, these headphones are a really nice and feels really good and well worth my money.


  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω at 1kHz
  • Sensitivity (@1kHz, 1V/Pa): 110 ± 4dB at 1 kHz Max
  • Input Power: 50 mW
  • Drivers: 40 mm, with Neodymium Magnets
  • Inner Ear Cup Diameter: 50 mm / 1.97”
  • Cable Length: 1.3 m / 4.27 ft plus 2m / 6.6 ft Extension Cable
  • Approximate Weight: 280 g / 0.62 lbs
  • Connector: Analog 3.5 mm headphone jack

See more here.

4 responses to “Razor Kraken

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  2. Now I am not a person that likes using headphones when outside the house, a pair of earphones are better for me, but I can consider using them or a headset when indoors.

    How are these working almost a month later? Do they still sit good on your head or have you noticed any other issues with them?

    I feel it was a good idea to add the specs directly in the post, made it easy to go over them if you were going over reviews of this specific model

    I hope you’re still satisfied with your purchase and I enjoyed reading a review about this accessory, don’t be afraid to post any others you might have.


  3. Razor? Nice! Their merchandise is amazing! Really want their Naga Mouse, the little keypad on the side would be great for all types of games! Especially MMO’s.

    Comfort is the main part I go for in headphones. Always over-ear also, as they can last the longest on my ears without getting aches. My current ones, Turtle Beach Earforce X12, are a budget pair (My old decent pair broke due to dodgy sealant on the hinge) and, according to the box, were made mainly for console gaming (Namely the Xbox 360).

    Only problem I find with mine are the wires. You can tell it’s a console headset by the length of the wires, but the main part that annoys me is the fact not only does it have 3.5mm jack plugs on it for speakers and microphone respectively, I -also- need to plug it into a USB port for power. Why not just have it all for the USB? Darn budget headsets. Other then that though, a healthy mix of sound coming from it, and a separate ‘adjuster’ for the bass level which is a nice part to add on.

    Hope they last a long time! Although it -is- Razor, so no doubt they will last for quite some time! 🙂


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