Halloween 2013

So this year, me and my friends went out on Halloween for drinks, talks and costumes and this time I was dressed as a simple devil. I fixed the little horns, the black and red outfit that I thought was fitting and had a really good time.

Look kinda pissed, my boyfriend took pictures while I was being stressed!

3 responses to “Halloween 2013

  1. Happy Halloween!!

    What? I’m almost a month late? Pfft no no you got the date all wrong, I’m going after the Hijri calendar. 😉

    What? I’m still late? Fine! But you know, better late than never right!?

    would’ve been fun to see the same evil grin on the photo as the pumpkin has, perhaps something to try for next year? 😉

    I hope it all was a great evening and that you you have a lot of fun next Halloween as well!


  2. That Pumpkin… Is awesome! Much creepier then Pumpkin faces here, that just look like smiling faces. That has an evil grin! Is that your own or one you saw?

    Nice tie addition! And those little horns, heh. Hope it was a fun night overall and stress didn’t make anything bad!


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