The Witcher 2


So, just finished the second playthrough of The Witcher 2, and I have to say that prior to what I thought, it is actually a really good game. I do not play many games a second time.

I managed to hold of playing this for so long that the enhanced edition came out and fixed the thing that made me so hesitant to play it in the first place. The stupid life bar was missing and it bothered me to no end. The other thing that kept me from playing was the fact that you can’t heal in battle, you have to buff before battle and keep out of harms way while in battle with either dodgeroll or Quen (witcher spells). But I managed to pull through that and cursed at it along the way to the end in the beginning.

The enhanced version is well worth the wait as well with all the things it adds to the game. Things such as more game content (around 4 hours of more gameplay), two new quests, two new locations and lots of improvements.  It also adds the video at the beginning that I’ve put here in my blog, as well as tiny videos throughout the game, explaining a bit of story from the first game. It also adds ending videos, showing how the choices you make along the way changes the world after. You can also see our dear Dandelion share his throughs between each chapter.

I played the first round on the kings side with only the force of my swords and followed Vernon Roche all the way through, ignoring the elfs. (I know, how terrible that I ignored the elfs! I found out late that joining Vernon Roche changed the story quite a lot so I went with it and I honoured the elfs in the next playthrough.)
I also did all the quests and explored everything I could as I always do, despite the rather linear game, worldwise. The world is really beautiful and it is fun to explore and see it all. The views are so breathtakingly beautiful and the feel to it is rather brooding at the same time.

Many things on the other side plays out differently and when I thought that it would just be a button mash through the same game, I got a slap right across my face telling me that it sure isn’t so at all. It can also be a bit hard to realize when that big choice comes, so keep your eyes on the options you get to choose.

The second round of the games were by the elfs side, and what a different story it is. The feel, scenery and overall feel changes and it’s quite refreshing. Saskia, the Virgin Dragonslayer is a way better person than the filthy, terrible, raping king and I’d stand by her anyday. On this path, I don’t see much of Vernon Roche and many of the events that I thought I’d get through again, isn’t there but in their place, they give me new events that makes the game feel almost completely new again. This is a game that should be spent time on, as well as the game before it, The Witcher. So entertaining games and such nice lore.

I have to complain a bit though, as few of the quests made me facepalm a few times being so very much like mmo ones where one should gather 60 harpy feathers or collect monster remains. But otherwise the quests in the main storyline and the bigger quests around is entertaining and made me really get into the story. And what is up with only letting me carry such a small amount of weight? I need to collect, horde and sell, damnit!

Geralt himself is one nice character and the romance that he have with Triss, is really wonderful and realistic for once. They have sex and care for one another but that seems to be it. No relationship and Geralt gets the chance to have sex with a few girls throughout the game, but not the one I wanted besides Triss (Saskia). And I love how explicit the game is compared to say Mass Effect, with their ass showing, that caused such a shitstorm.

So go and play it, and have fun.


3 responses to “The Witcher 2

  1. How could you ignore the elves! 😉 Jokes aside, nicely written review, really appreciated the read through, made me want to play the game even more.

    You mention in the review that you have to buff before the battle and then keep out of harms way, do you have different buffs that might’ve helped you better in one fight but not so much in the next one or are there more generic buffs that will be helpful in every fight?

    When we are on the topic of fighting, was the fighting hard in the game due to the limitations you’ve mentioned, do you have an estimation of how many times you might’ve died due to these limitations?

    How would you describe a fight in The Witcher 2 would be? You’ve already mentioned the buffing and dodgerolling, is the fightingstyle a more fluid open style as in Skyrim where you use abilities to attack or more of a turnbased queuing up abilities before using them?

    I liked the touch of putting the trailer for the game into the review, is this something you’re thinking of doing a bit more from now on?

    Would your opinion be that the video explaining the first game gives enough knowledge to someone that has never played the first one? Or was it there more to refresh peoples memories?
    How much did the videos enhance your gaming experience?

    To sum it up I would say that you’ve written a post that shows what strengths and weaknesses this game has pretty well, how much of an annoyance it was not to be able to heal and how you couldn’t “collect, horde and sell” for example. Something I take you always want to do?

    I also enjoy reading the way you put in your own personal experiences about the game, the emotions you show through out the post about these details, the annoyance, the beautiful landscape, the descriptions of the characters you bring up.

    In all a good and enjoyable review.


    • Most buffs does different things and some are more needed in one, and some are needed in other fights. Some are good for any fight as well.

      Actually the fights wasn’t that hard, and sure died a few times at first as I was unused to it, but as I learned it better, it was nice and fun.

      It is real time and not turned-based. Wouldn’t compare it to Skyrim but yeah, it was fluent and fast.

      I don’t know if I’ll use more videos. Maybe I will, if the video in question is worth it. Just thought this video was one of the coolest I’ve seen so far.

      It’s more to refresh people’s memories as many wouldn’t understand the first game by just playing the second game. Don’t skip the first game!
      But in the same time, the videos explained a lot, but they didn’t really enhance the game in my opinion, just fun to watch.

      Yeah, “collect, horde and sell” is a mindset I’ve developed during the years of playing. To get enough money and good things to use.


  2. Witcher! (Currently trying to get).

    Very detailed review! And also a very nice looking game. I’ve heard a lot about this, but never knew it had such a variation of two stories. I thought it would be all linear/same story! But judging by this, it sounds like it has a much more varied approach!

    Enhanced versions of games are always nice. Shows the Company cared about their product and their players comments, improving upon it. Nice to see Game Developers take such care in their games still! Especially with 4 hours of extra content! That tells me though they could have room for maybe even more, which would be nice, but maybe in the form of DLC or a whole new game.

    Exploration is something that is perfect for a game such as this. Makes the world feel alive and beautiful, and gives so much more ideas for the stories and imagination. Too much though and it could get a bit long, but this sounds like they had it in nice amounts mixed with story.

    A memorable main character also, I bet! Adult themes aren’t something I see in games often, apart from Mass Effect and maybe a few lesser known games, but if they do it well it fits nicely! Adds more realism to a game, as the Hero IRL would most likely get a romance going.

    Overall, another fun review! The video is a nice touch too, watched it first then listened too it while I read the review. Pictures also nice. Especially the environmental ones! Hope ya find another great game soon!


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