Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines


So, this game I’ve played a few times now and thought that I should share it with you all.

This game is basically eat or be eaten, sort of like a survival of the fittest and all that,
It starts with the player (you can choose male or female) being a newly bitten vampire and is facing judgement for being ‘sired’ wrongly. The ‘sire’ gets killed but you get spared for some reason and from there you are pulled into a web of lies, plots and power battles between vampires of different ranks/clans and later on werewolves among others.

The game is filled with lots of ways to do things, like sneak or just go head on. You can even stand from afar and blast those poor people open by ‘disciplines’ or other things. ‘Disciplines’ being a sort of magic in this game that certain vampires use. Different clans uses different ‘disciplines’.

You have to keep a look out on your blood levels as well, if it ventures too far down, you’ll are most likely go into a frenzy and kill anything that is close to get that blood back, and that will violate your Masquerade and if you’re giving into the beast and kills humans, you lose humanity points as well. The less humanity/ masquerade points you have, you’ll soon get hunted for too much violation and even killed.

I played as a female Malkavian and loved every second of it. The dialog options with both mortals and vampires, the chances to talk with the tv, the radio and even street lights was a really nice twist to the game, I also read that the Malkavians heard voices of warning in their head whenever danger was near but, sadly, I never heard that. The dialog options over all varies a lot as well due to if the player is charismatic, intimidating or having ‘disciplines’ that would let you probe inside their heads.

The story takes you on an unforgettable journey around a few different places on the look out for a certain object that many vampires desire. From clubs to a prosthetic makers dark place, to the top of a wealthy tower as well as down to an abandoned hospitals basement, that’s the lair of some creepy things.
I played the game ‘vanilla’ and never got around to testing the mods and patches there is for this game. Maybe I should sometime in the future.


One level in the game that is really worth mentioning is the haunted house that the main story leads you to. That is one scary place to be in and so well done. I can’t count how many times I’ve jumped from being startled in that place and how I’ve not wanted to in there. I’ve tried to do anything to slip past it, but it’s needed to continue.

I love the game, and feel that it is really a worth game to play, it’s a little bit linear in the main story as you move to new places thanks to the storyline, but you can go fix different armors (especially fun ones when being Malkavian), get weapons like guns or swords or just use your fists and explore what that place have to offer, and what people to kill or not at the moment. You can also just go to a club and dance for a while before continuing on. The graphics are really awesome and the voices are nice as well.

The game ends in different way depending on how you played it and how you chose to go with in the end, I chose the Camarilla and LaCroix, it was …fun.

7 thoughts on “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

  1. People have been tampering pretty freely with the vampire lore lately, so my first question after reading this post is how much of a homage to Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the folklore of vampires do this game pay?

    I like the feature you mention about losing humanity points and ‘violating your Masquerade’ did you feel it was hard to keep the blood levels up not to lose these points by going into a frenzy?

    How big of a role did the Masquerade play in the game, beside risking getting hunted and killed?

    Another feature I liked that you wrote about is the abilities ‘Malkavian’ had. I take it that it is one of the vampire clans, giving specific ‘discplines’ and abilities to talk to inanimated objects?

    Reading this post made me wonder where you would put this, what genre is this? Is it a bit of a survival horror with a story? Or more of a RPG with horror/creepy/monster elements to it?

    Again you’ve delivered a well thought through and interesting post, only thing I might complain about is the ‘cliffhanger’ at the end. What might’ve been “…fun” with those endings? I might never find out now and it might haunt me until the end! 😉


    1. I wouldn’t say that its close to the Dracula lore. This game has it’s own lore that is built on the “classic world of darkness” that you can read about here:

      And it isn’t hard to keep your blood level up, as you can both intimidate and persuade people into giving their blood. Some clans can even feed on rats.
      You can lose those points by certain things you do and say throughout the game as well.

      And by the talking to objects, I didn’t mean it as a discipline, its more of a thing inside the head of a Malkavian as they are “insane.” They have sort of inner visions.

      That is one good question, I’d say that this game is a mixture of a lot of things. In my eyes it’s sort of like a RPG horror/adventure game with a “reality” feel to it.

      You just have to play the game to find out the ‘fun’ in those ending.


      1. Thank you for the answers, very informative, the link I was given was also very helpful, should’ve remembered that I had heard the name before.

        I read a bit about the other clans on the link you gave me, did you consider going with any of the other clans beside the Malkavians? What made you pick the Malkavians to play as?

        Perhaps I have to, unless I can bribe you? No? Sure? Alright guess I have to consider playing it.

        Again thank you for the answers.


        1. I’ve tried the other clans as well, but they wasn’t as fun as the Malkavians. And to be honest, the Malkavians looks was what made me go with her at the beginning.


  2. Vampiiree 😀 I played this once, and have seen it on Steam! Very fun game, especially with the amount of story and choices you get compared to other games with Vampires in. (For example, being a Vampire in an RPG game like Skyrim, it never felt like you were given anything substantially more impressive then … Inclined to say ‘normal human’, but the multiple Races in Skyrim stop me there, heh. Let’s just say ‘mortal’!)

    I am also loving that Werewolf look, and the UI looks simple and non-obtrusive. The features of losing too much blood sounds fun, as it would work that way in popular culture with Vampires: ‘Not enough blood, feeding frenzy!’. Also you mention multiple areas and a creepy Basement level! I love a well made scary/creepy game.

    Sadly, I don’t think it got as much recognition as it deserved. One of those good games which didn’t get much spotlight. At least in my country it didn’t. Another fun review! Pictures really do give a nice touch to these, and I hope to see more soon!

    (P.S.: That bold ‘fun’ at the end is quite ominous hehe 😛 Playing a Vampire is fun! Also in the…Picture of a guys back, is that a severed arm he’s holding? Haha!)


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