So just finished a mobile game this time around that’s called Yesterday. A point and click game that’s actually really nice. I played this on my HTC Desire S, and the screen was a little bit too small for the interface and choices but otherwise it went really well.

Seems that the game also can be downloaded for PC on their website but that costs, but the android version that I played is free.

The game wasn’t very long but the story kept me intrigued all the way through with twists, turns and characters. It was a rather morbid game with a deep, dark feel to it.


You take control of a few characters at the beginning but then you take the mind of John Yesterday and helps him around by clicking on stuff, combining things and keeps an eye out for the tiny clues that helps you forward.

The puzzles was fun but a bit tricky at times, and I had to take advantage of the little “lightbulb” that gave me a few hints and help on how to proceed.

There are three endings to choose from and one secret ending. I took the John Yesterday ending, and it suited me the best in my opinion.

You should install it if you want something more interesting to play on your phone.


One response to “Yesterday

  1. Oooo I like the art style of this 😮 And its on Android? Hrm… See if I can find it later.
    Characters look themselves pretty varied, and I’m actually looking at this and wondering how they can get this all on a phone! Darn brainy techies!
    Probably will have a look at the PC version to see if theres any differences, but the multiple endings sounds like something I’d enjoy! And a hint button? Perfect for me as I get lost sometimes on games 😛

    Another informative post! I need more games to play on my phone, shame I think I’ve overloaded the the battery :/ Need a new phone soon…Or a spare battery. Keep on reviewing! 🙂


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