Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story


This is a free game that I played sometime ago, one late night. Saw it on a site with a top 100 free games list, and thought to myself: “Eh, I’m bored, let’s try it.” and when I did, I couldn’t been more entertained.

The game shows off the new generation that we all “know and love” today, the shameless none private generation, aka facebook and so on. This game is about a japanese school where you get to play the teacher of a class. This teacher gets the chance of peeking into the lives of these students and choose to either interfere or stay out of their business.

The game goes on as you learn more and more about theses students depending on how you play your cards, and in the end, there are a few endings that reflects what you have chosen.

To tell you the truth, it was a real eye opener for me as it really touches todays kids. The lack of privacy and the lack of understanding why one would want that. It kinda scared me to see where people are heading these days.

But you should all play it, and give your opinion of it, as it is still a truly entertaining game with lots of choices. – The site with the top 100 free games.


One thought on “Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story

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