Prototype 2


About an hour ago, I finished the game Prototype 2.  Just as the first game, this was equally gory and actionpacked.

This time around though, you don’t get to follow Mercer around anymore. Now there is a new “hero” in town by the name of Heller, Sergeant James Heller actually. A guy with strong beliefs and a priest by his side, for a while anyway.
The virus, that is now roaming the streets once again, killed his wife and daughter (or so he thought), and now he is out for revenge on the people who did it.

You get to follow this sergeants sad but cliché story and how he becomes infected by none other than Alex Mercer himself. And surprise, being as badass and resilient as Mercer as well.
You slaughter your way towards your goals, consuming or killing anything in your path. Getting the memories and DNA of those you consume and the blood on your hands by the people you rip in half.

The long range tendrils and fast claws were my favorite weapons in this game, as the game is fast pace and dodging is needed to keep alive. Seeing as the tendrils can trap a target, they were a really nice thing to use.

The game uses very few creatures to kill, a bit too short and lacked a good storyline but it’s a pure action game, so what can one expect? I can feel that the first game had more things to do, better story and that Alex Mercer had a better progress arc than Heller. And then there are the stupid lines they both use, really cheesy lines.

The graphics of the game is slightly better than the first and one really good looking game. The mechanics of jumping, getting from roof to roof and the visual length was really something, no problem at all.

The ending though, was not as I expected and felt like it had been cut short for some reason. Yes, he did get his daughter back, purified the town of its poison, and “fixed” everything. But what about Gentek and Black Watch?

If you like a bloody open-world game, with a few things to do, this game is for you!

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2 thoughts on “Prototype 2

  1. I still need to play the Prototype games D: Seen them around and the Gameplay looks really fun…Heard some odd things about Prototype 2 though. Like the main character of the first now being the main enemy, and people preferred the old main character.

    I’ll still give this game a whirl if I find time though 🙂 Kingdom Hearts for me at the moment! 😀


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