Kingdom Hearts



So, last week I finished up Kingdom Hearts for the second time, I did not remember much from the first playthrough so I thought that I would do another run, and I am glad that I did, as the second run was so much better. I understood the story more, loved the worlds and the graphics. Sora, Kairi and Riku are really cool characters, and I never thought that I would come to love Goofy and Donald the way I did.

I did not complete the game, 100% but I tried to, now after I beat the final boss, who was rather easy compared to other game bosses, I will go back sometime to collect and synthesize as much as I can.

It all started with Sora, Kairi and Riku wanting to get of the paradise island that they live on to see other worlds, they build a raft to explore and that is where it all began.

On the night of their departure there was a terrible “storm”, it later revealed to be a heartless attack. Kairi disappeared and Riku went into darkness, leaving Sora to fight for himself against heartless that he had never seen before, taking him to a different world, all alone.

The first world, Traverse Town, was a fun looking town, that made me go crazy, trying to get through. Heartless around every corner and sometimes the camera was not my friend at all. The first time I met Riku as well, after they all got separated.

The second world, Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland), was a rather familiar one, with the “Drink me” potions and the running bunny. Other than that is was a really strange world.

The third world, Olympus Coliseum (Hercules), now this world was not like the others. There was no actual word to run around in here, just a competition, earning me a reward as I finished them all throughout the game.

The fourth world, Deep Jungle (Tarzan), the monkeys were the cutest heartless of them all, but they drove me to insanity. Especially the yellow ones, stealing all my hard earned munnys. Tarzan was one of the characters that made me want to watch “Tarzan” again, he was really a lot like in the movie.

The fifth world, Agrabah (Aladdin), was one of the most fun worlds as it was a lot of jumping around and puzzles, though I could not believe that such a small world could make me so confused.

The sixth world, Monstro (Pinoccio), was not a world I was planing on going to but he ate my badass gummi ship up and I had to find Pinocchio in there and met Riku for the second time.

The seventh world, Atlantica (The Little Mermaid), was a bit more difficult, as swimming was, at it seems, not my strong side, Ariel and every character in that world really looked and made me feel like I was actually swimming around in Atlantica.. It was funny as I thought that flying/gliding was the most fun.

The eight world, Halloween Town (A Nightmare Before Christmas), was the most unexpected of them all as I did not see it as a Disney movie, but I stood corrected. It was a fun and quirky town with lots of doors to go through.

The ninth world, Neverland (Peter Pan), was the most fun world I played through, flying and pirates goes well together and the comedy of Captain Hook and the crocodile was just hilarious.

The “last” world was, Hollow Bastion, the home of the heartless, the place where they had taken all princesses from the other worlds I had been to, the “Seven Princesses of Heart”. As the story had told me, they needed the princesses to open the final door, the door to “the end of the world”. To Kingdom Hearts.

In there I got to kick Rikus ass for being such a damned idiot the whole time, but it was not over, he had been possessed by Ansem, a guy looking for the ultimate darkness and he almost got away with it, had not Sora been the awesome character that he is.

In “The end of the world” I got to beat Ansem and save the whole universe, restoring it to its former glory. The boss fight was rather easy enough, with some close calls on dying, but the last stage was a bit more tricky. It was easy and a lot of fun, but the ending broke my heart, I cried, I admit it. The song and the story just got to me.

I can truly recommend this game to anyone, as the mixture between Disney and Square Enix is really great, towards the ending, I did not really see it as Disney worlds, just fun places to explore that I had nostalgia from. And Squaresoft with the awesome characters like Cloud, Squall and more was really integrated.

One who knows nothing, can understand nothing.” – Ansem.

2 responses to “Kingdom Hearts

  1. Have this game ready for me to play on me PS3! \o/ If its good, I might grab the HD remixes that are coming out soon on PS3 too! :O

    Soon! Soon! :3


  2. One of my absolute favourite console games! Shame the second wasn't as good. I really hope you'll post your opinions on it too when you finish it 😀


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