Guild Wars 2


It seems that it was a bit too long ago I wrote a post so, I will just write a tiny one about Guild Wars 2.

It is a truly fun MMO, as it is not as most I have played, I loved the first one and I love this.
But I am one of those that utilize it for the RP side of the game, not so much if the “MMO” part.

Guild Wars 2 misses some of the more loved features from the first game and some of the classes but the races and classes in the second are none the worse.

The graphics are really nice and the people on the european server Piken Square are awesome.

That is really all I got on this, sorry to not be able to write more but as it is a MMO, nothing more can be said.

Add me:

I usually RP with:
Sylvari: Ilyndrathyil
Human: Ciarafein

Whisper me if you want!


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