Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Big Spoiler!

How I love this epic game! I’ve played it before but back then I was so young and stupid it seems that I can’t, in my wildest fantasies, understand how I could pull through such a complex game.
Now though, as I have Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights and such wonderful games in my pockets, it was so damn fun to just pwn my way through it.

My female character, Aaryn Venolien, is an evil to the core type of hellraiser. No pity or mercy for anyone, not even her party members… well except for Carth. I wanted romance dammit, even if it meant sucking up and lying my ears of. The end were really worth it.

And Bastila, well worth corrupting. Though my luck with turning any of the others to the dark side failed miserably and I had to kill both Juhani and Jolee. Mission however wasn’t dead by my hands… no no, she was killed by her best friend Zaalbar. Oh, that was almost to evil, even for Aaryn…
No not really, who am I kidding. She is Revan, the true Sith lord reborn again!

The game is timeless, the graphics are outstanding and the gameplay to die for.
If you love Star Wars, this game TRULY is for you, haven’t you already played it, shame on you! If you don’t like Star Wars or maybe feels kinda ‘meh’ about it, then play it.
You won’t regret it.

Same goes for KotOR 2, which is also a wonderful game!

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