Fallout 3 Modded


A while ago I finished playing Fallout 3, and I have to say that, compared to Fallout 3: New Vegas, It was a better game, though NV had some features that maybe were a bit lacking in Fallout 3, like the companion talk. It had the feeling of exploration, the feeling of that it was you who were in control of what was happening, it was your story, where in NV it had a story to tell on it’s own and you were really just in for the ride.

Other than that is was a good game, it has really great graphics and the exploration is really great. Characters is rather fun to listen to and using the energy weapons and their crits is awesome.

And of course as I am a big fan of mods, I modded this game as well. Adding a lot of essential things, as well as quests and perks. Having my own home where I could put up weapons on the walls and have guards patrolling my entrance.

It all started with my dad leaving me, all alone, in vault 101. That’s when it all happened.
Radroaches were creeping into the vault, and there were panic and they all blamed me. That’s when I had it with those people, I took a gun that Amata gave to me, set my sights on the vault door.

A few dead bodies later, including Amata’s dad, the sun shining in my eyes for the first time ever, I saw the outside, the world that my father has ventured out into, in search of something I would soon figure out for my own.

The first settlement I stumble across is Megaton. A settlement built around a nuclear crater, with a still active nuclear bomb in the center. Me, being the greedy and rather careless person that I am, made my way towards the tavern in hope of earning some money. In there I met a rather shady guy.
He asks me to make him a favor, to blow Megaton to little itty bits for 1000 caps. And who am I to refuse such a big offer. The money he would pay made my decision clear, “Of course!” I say greedily and to make the deal even more sweet, I lured him into bed with me as well.

After I fixed the town up, set the bomb to explode in secret, and made them think that I was up to only good things and helping with the guide to survive in the wastelands, I stocked up on ammo, stimpaks, armor and weapons and made my way towards the Tenpenny Tower where I was told that I would complete my mission. I got a pointer by the tavern boss, Colin Moriarty that I should seek out Three Dog as well, The man that I’ve been hearing on my radio, he might know something.

On my way, I find myself a useful follower, that becomes forced to follow me due to a contract given to me by Ahzrukhal, as a thanks for killing another ghoul. My follower is called Charon and is a skilled ghoul. Another follower that I find and rescues, is Dogmeat, my wonderful and vicious dog that makes my cold heart melt.

I ask around more for my father, wondering if someone have seen him. The roads lead me around the wasteland of Washington D.C, through smaller settlements to bigger, as the settlement of Rivet City where I met Dr. Li.
She tells me a bit about Project Purity, and why my Dad went into the wasteland again, she then points me in the direction of Jefferson Memorial.

But the only thing I find there is holotapes, telling me that he has left for a vault called 112. With a sigh, my “trusted” follower and a heavy bag of loot I make my way there.

Upon arrival in this vault, I’m greeted by a robobrain, telling me that I am around 200 years too late. Well inside, I’m met by a vault, and a room full of pods; filled with people.
The robobrains urge me to get into one. My curiosity takes over as I say “bye bye” to my followers and straps myself into one of the pods.
Well inside, I can’t believe my eyes. A area filled with trees, houses and people untouched by the bomb. A virtual reality that seems too good to be true, and it is.

After getting to know that I have to kill all of the people inside this reality to find my dad, I get to action. As the last person dies, the one who asked this of me is delighted. I admit that I actually had fun doing it and he opens up a door for me to get out.
Well outside again and back in the vault, I am met by my father who is, to say the very least, really hurt by my doings. He have been hearing about me a lot lately. But the quest to fix the water is more important so he lets it go, and asks me to head to Rivet City again.

Much else happens after that, rather quickly. I meet him there, we head to Jefferson Memorial again and he asks me to fix the tank that is in there and then go to get the G.E.C.K.
Being the greedy me, thinking about a bigger reward further ahead, I agree. But in doing so, my father gets killed, I get abducted by the Enclave and the project seems lost.

But thanks to the help from “The President” in the Enclave, I am let out of my cage and makes my way to him quickly, (I had heard him on my radio many times and wondered what sort of man he would be) but to my, not so surprised reaction, he is a computer, asking me to poison the waters (so he can kill all mutated life) in return for helping me, I agree, and even persuade him to self destruct as I make my way out of there, killing all Enclave soldiers with him.

It later seems that these other scientists that survived the Enclave (who killed my father), had some tricks of their own, gaining entrance to the Citadel, and their giant robot, Liberty Prime.
Me and my followers fix what the Citadel needs doing to later follow the robot into war against the remaining Enclave who is guarding the water machine.

Well in there I put the poison in, as they “fix” the rest of the water and killing everything in the world that isn’t pure. Isn’t that ironic? It was called “Project Purity” and now it’s all pure from the filth…

2 responses to “Fallout 3 Modded

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  2. Fallout 3 ❤ Or just ever Fallout <3! Love these games 🙂 Such atmosphere in Fallout 3 :O So much better then New Vegas IMO for story. That feeling of complete destruction in the Wasteland and the panic of survival deep in the Metro stations.

    Just…Beautiful :') Another amazing game from Bethesda, made even better by the Community Mods!


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