It contains spoilers!

I recently finished Dishonored and I have to say that I really enjoyed it quite a bit.

Usually I don’t like stealth games as I’m more of a “full force forward” kind of person rather than just sneaking around in the shadows, taking them out one by one.
But in this game, stealth combined with guns, crossbows, swords and magic it was really fun and I could use my trustworthy “Blink” and bolts to get my way.

Corvo, the man that you play is really badass and doesn’t seems to have any trouble with anything. Everything goes smooth and it’s easy to aim.

The story is rather interesting but the plot was a bit predictable at a point. Maybe it’s just me who played too many games with the same idea or it was just that obvious. Other than that the story is pulling and you really want to see what comes next, the characters are really beautifully done and the style and pictures reminds me a bit of Arcanum.
They have rather interesting personalities and the relationship between Corvo and Emily is heartwarming.

I went through the game, slicing and dicing everyone I could see, mice and men alike though at the end of the game it felt like maybe I shouldn’t have done that, just maybe I should have let those people live but those weepers sure were creepy, all puking and biting my arm.

The whole runes and bone charms gave the game a nice magical and creepy feel with their sounds. The abilities were fun and unique as well as the bone charms who gave you certain enhancements in different areas.

Overall the game was way too short in my opinion and the story a tiny bit to thin but I think that you all should play it anyway.


One response to “Dishonored

  1. Bleh! I have this game, I’ve played this game, I -still- need to complete this game >.<

    I sometimes have trouble going back to Singleplayer games 😦 I really should start completing more of these…I'll try and grab some time to finish this off, very fun game! Though its different to what I originally thought, especially visual wise!


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